Reaching Beyond Experience Creates Men’s Bucket List to Rebalance the Scales Between Work and Play

September 03 02:31 2021
This experience creator believes that sacrificing one’s personal balance sheet for a professional one is unnecessary.

Society has taught people that the success of a person is seen in the material things one owns and one’s status quo. Since it is common for men to be the ones who work to support the family, they are the ones who are usually judged by the things he owns—how big is his house, how many and what cars does he drive. How much does he make, how much money is in his bank account, and how he does at work. Sadly, this affects men that most of them spend more time at work and less time with family or doing recreational activities.

But there is more to life than just work. This is what experience creator and founder of Reaching Beyond Experience Kyle Depiesse learned over the years of working hard to provide well for his family. He was once too busy working his way up the corporate ladder and passed time for leisure. He soon realized that taking breaks is as important as working hard, so he established his own company to share his life lessons and help other men, who are like him before—all work and no play.

Reaching Beyond Experience offers different activities to help men rebalance the scales between work and play. The company creates bucket list experiences and mastermind activities designed to pull out high-performing men from their routine life and connect them with others so they can all recharge and give themselves the “me” time that they deserve. These disruptive activities are carefully curated to clear their minds off of their responsibilities at work and home while the activities are ongoing.

With various one-of-a-kind activities, Reaching Beyond Experience make men realize that taking a break from work is as important as working hard. Sacrificing one’s personal balance sheet for a professional one is unnecessary. But they need to recognize that recreational activities and having fun also play an important role in being an achiever. The activities curated by the company are a breather to the participants, making them enjoy their activities while learning from other like-minded individuals.

Aside from providing a breath of fresh air and something to enjoy and remember, Reaching Beyond Experience helps men realize that being at the top of the corporate ladder or running a successful business alone does not make them good husbands and fathers. “No amount of success at work covers up for failing at home,” said a company representative. “We are here to help our clients find the rhythm between work and play through our life-changing, bucket-list quality container for men to step into and connect with other like-minded men in a non-judgmental and fun way.”

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About Reaching Beyond Experience

Reaching Beyond Experience creates one-of-a-kind men’s experiences for high-performing entrepreneurs to help them find the rhythm between work and personal life. Led by Kyle Depiesse, the company carefully curates bucket-list quality activities that high-performing men can enjoy and offer a venue where they can connect with like-minded individuals.

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