KEMP’$ CLO$ER CLUB, A High Ticket Closing Agency, Announces Launch, Helps World’s Top Leading Influencers and Marketers Close Sales and Deals

September 02 18:09 2021

Kansas City, KS – KEMP’$ CLO$ER CLUB, a high ticket closing agency, is celebrating its first few months in business. A fast-growing company on a mission to help others achieve business success and realign themselves,  KEMP’$ CLO$ER CLUB has developed a top-line reputation for helping those who need help, including online business.

Founded by Mark Kemp, a leader in the high-ticket sales industry, KEMP’$ CLO$ER CLUB has partnered with clients to help sell and close deals on their behalf. KEMP’$ CLO$ER CLUB enters the driver’s seat to drive results for their clients, talking to interested parties about client products and services via pre-set appointments, explaining those products and services, and making high-ticket sales traditionally ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. All staff are Mike Barron-certified in phone sales and recognized as a Master Closers via Master Closer Theory, Self-Awareness, and Professional Development, which includes mastermind trainings and over 200 training videos. Each further brings years of experience to every project, sale, or deal.

“Each client is different, and so is their price point,” remarked Mark Kemp, President and Founder of KEMP’$ CLO$ER CLUB. “We adjust to client needs and goals to lead influencers and marketers so they can close sales and deals in record numbers. We bring an honest, helpful, giving, intelligent, and a top-leader reputation in the sales and closing to each client,” he added.

KEMP’$ CLO$ER CLUB embraces a proven business model backed by Mark Kemp’s verifiable experience and genuine character. After just months of being in business, the company has achieved record growth and results for clients around the world. To learn more, get the latest news and information on Instagram and Facebook.

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