Btoul Allou, a top one specialist in fashion styling and image consulting all over Lebanon

September 01 19:16 2021
Btoul Allou, a top one specialist in fashion styling and image consulting all over Lebanon
Btoul Allou, a top one specialist in fashion styling and image consulting all over Lebanon
Want to find the best-suited lifestyle while staying convenient in your body? Need to improve your personal as well as your professional image? Inspired to delve into a NEW world of styling standards and factors? Then look no further than Btoul Allou, a certified image consultant and a style coachTM based in Lebanon.

Image consulting is extremely important if someone wants to advance their persona. Selecting an image consultant is also equally important. An image consultant has to be highly experienced and with a portfolio that matches his or her preconceived expectations. Hence, it is not an easy task at all to make the right choice.

Style coaching mainly focuses on what best suits the face, the body, and the hair with the respected colors. It focuses on body language and communication skills, through the study of different characters, building self-confidence and boosting self-imagery. Hence, working on a person’s style from the inside as well as on the outside.

In the world of style and image consultancy, Btoul Allou was able to make her name shine up bright in both arenas. She is a trusted and renowned name in this industry. She is an image consultant, fashion expert, personal shopper and style coachTM; certified by the Style Coaching Institute® in the UK as seen in many international magazines like VOGUE, Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE, InStyle, PSYCHOLOGIES, and NATURAL HEALTH magazines. Besides, she is an accredited and a major member of the International Association of Style CoachesTM (IASC).

An aspiring image consultant needs to be honest, transparent, creative, diverse, empowered and motivated. This is because an image consultant plays the role of a good listener, an observer, and a mentor. Btoul Allou definitely has all of these attributes, and it’s the reason behind her success as an influential and professional image consultant and style coachTM. It is important to shed light on the fact that she gained her knowledge from the professional stylist Rana Harake, the Middle East mentor at Style Coaching Institute®. Moreover, she was trained by Cedric Haddad, one of the most renowned stylists in the Middle East, with almost a decade of experience styling celebrities in his beloved country Lebanon and worldwide. She continued her studies and received her diploma from the UK, while completing a diploma in Luxury Brand Management at the Lebanese American University (LAU); covering Luxury Fashion Buying, Luxury PR and Personal Branding, Luxury Visual Merchandising, Luxury Styling, Luxury Photography and many more.

As a certified and professional innovative image consultant, she works on improving both, the personal and professional image of a client. She evaluates, enhances and upgrades her client’s appearance, behavior, and communication skills to ensure that their image is consistent with their personal or professional goals. Her main target is to help people, mainly women, find their styles including but not limited to how they want to look, how they want to dress and what clothes they intend to buy. Hence, she offers various services such as personal styling, color consultancy, personal shopping, makeup and hairstyling, executive image management, life coaching, personal grooming, body-image coaching, men’s styling, bridal styling, personal branding, wardrobe organizing, and self-image psychology. Not only does she focus on shaping her clients’ appearance, but also works hard on improving their confidence, impact, and identity. In brief, her clients’ comfort and satisfaction are her top priorities.

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