Milena Origgi, the founder of Inborn Voice has been awarded the Genius Green Card for Vocal Coaching

September 01 19:36 2021
Milena Origgi is the first Vocal Coach in the world to earn the Genius Green Card with extraordinary abilities in professional voice training with the Inborn Voice method.

There are different types of green cards for immigrating to the United States. The one issued for “extraordinary abilities” is among the rarest and most coveted. It’s known colloquially as the “Genius Green Card,” as only those who demonstrate out-of-the-ordinary gifts in key areas such as the sciences, arts, and education, get one. They are awarded very sparingly each year to immigrants who can demonstrate excellence in the world.

The “extraordinary abilities” of Milena Origgi, known as Mylena Vocal Coach, made her eligible for this type of honor in 2021. An extremely interesting statistic, according to the official USCIS report, is that of 148,411 applications received, only 614 were approved!

This is a historical record set by Milena, as she was the first Vocal Coach ever to be officially recognized as “the best of the best” in the field of professional Voice awareness and training. Milena’s application was followed by her consultant, Damiano Calza, who tells us how difficult it was to make a selection of the overwhelming amount of material collected. Damiano was amazed that she was already an internationally renowned Vocal Coach with words of praise coming from the major financial centers such as New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo and that many referred to Milena as their “Voice Guru”. The filed dossier eventually included about 1,000 pages of letters, articles, and scientific publications, weighing over 9 pounds!

Milena’s extraordinary abilities became clear with the creation of the Inborn Voice method in the late 90s. Before that time, voice training focused only on the technical level and did not consider the emotional aspect at all, creating voices that were all the same and stripping actors, singers, and executives of their expressiveness. Today, Inborn Voice is the only vocal coaching method capable of reconnecting voice and emotions, empowering people to express themselves during a conversation, a keynote, or while acting for the big screen. Milena was also among the first to talk about “Personal Brand”, elevating individuality above ability.

Since then, word of mouth has taken Milena from Milan (she was born in Italy) to London and then to Boston. She now plans to expand to New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Milena’s international fame is also tied to her online coaching sessions, which she has been providing to CEOs, executives, and actors around the world for more than 15 years.

Some of the best Universities have already recognized her unique talent, offering her the role of Topic Expert for Communication Skills, Personal Development, or MBA courses, highlighting how interpersonal communication and socialization skills are indispensable elements of an agile and modern career. Thanks to this achievement Milena will bring new knowledge and innovation to the field of professional vocal coaching to the United States, a field that has been stuck in ideas that are over 200 years old.

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