School and Community Fundraisers Turn to Healthy, No Contact Fundraising Options, Combating the COVID-19 Crisis

September 01 18:42 2021
By partnering with Florida Indian River Groves, fundraisers are finding innovative, no contact fundraising options, and providing their communities with healthy, immunity boosting products in the fight against COVID-19.

With COVID-19 forcing the cancelation of many in-person fundraising events, school and community groups alike are often left to search for safe yet effect fundraising options.

Of course, finding that next, great fundraising idea isn’t as easy as it seems. “When we sat down and evaluated our fundraising, we struggled because we wanted to provide real value to our community, as opposed to just asking for donations. Lots of people are struggling, and we just didn’t feel right begging for money,” said Janet Dillon, fundraising chair for her local band booster organization.  “When we came across the fresh fruit fundraising program offered by Florida Indian River Groves, we instantly knew we had a winning solution.  Here was an easy, no contact fundraising option, with a great technology platform, and mobile apps which enabled our participants to easily automate outreach to their family, friends and other potential supporters.  Despite COVID-19, we were able to quickly raise thousands with minimal effort.”

Fruit fundraising is an innovative and healthy initiative Florida Indian River Groves has offered to schools, churches, nonprofits and community groups throughout the United States for over 30 years.

The company directly sources fruit from local, U.S. based growers, and ships it to recipients less than 24 hours after harvest, at the peak of freshness and flavor.  Supporters of fundraising campaigns can rest easy, knowing their purchases are backed by the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fundraising groups have two program options. They can take orders for fruit, having it delivered locally to a central location for distribution by their membership, or they can operate an entirely online based fundraiser with all products being shipped directly to the recipient’s door. Both programs offer a unique set of advantages, and Florida Indian River Groves pairs all fundraising coordinators with a dedicated account manager, who is responsible for helping the fundraising group meet their financial goals.

Florida Indian River Groves also offers a mobile app for fundraising participants. In less than 5 minutes, participants can download the app, select contacts already stored on their mobile device, and the app will automatically share the group’s free online ordering page to those contacts via text and email. Moreover, the app also connects to participants’ social media profiles, automating fundraising posts and greatly increasing sales and profits.

In the words of Jeff Knowles, President of Florida Indian River Groves, “We have radically revitalized the entire fundraising experience – for fundraising groups, their participants, and their supporters. Participants are happier because “participating” now takes just 5 minutes and is as easy as using a mobile phone.  Fundraising coordinators are happier because more people are participating, and we’ve successfully leveraged technology to produce the financial results they expect. And the community is happier because they’re receiving a healthy and unique fundraising product, as opposed to being constantly bombarded with solicitations for donations which amount to nothing more than electronic panhandling.”

The Florida Indian River Groves team operates thousands of fresh fruit fundraisers for schools, churches, charities, and community groups.  Over the course of their storied history, the company has raised over $87 million, providing great fruit for great causes. For more details on this fresh fruit fundraiser, visit

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