How does Sarah Fadhlaoui balance between private and professional life?

September 01 14:12 2021
How does Sarah Fadhlaoui balance between private and professional life?
How does Sarah Fadhlaoui balance between private and professional life?
“Sarah Fadhlaoui, intuitively when mentioning her name, the first thing that hits one’s mind is “the top one Tunisian fashion icon”.

Well, but there is much more to Sarah Fadhlaoui than overseeing a global fashion empire; like being a devoted wife and hands-on parent. It might sound somehow weird for some of us to witness such limitless success of a woman working hard to achieve all her goals regardless of being a mother. Managing between private and professional life is not an easy task at all, but Sarah Fadhlaoui was able to show for the whole world that nothing is impossible for a confident, self-reliant and insistent woman. 

1) First, would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I would be glad to introduce myself from your stage. My name is Sarah Fadhlaoui, also known as “Sarah Abdallah”. I am a Tunisian fashion icon and film director-producer. After graduating from Audiovisual EAD University in 2005, I moved to Dubai in 2006 to be one of the most important and well known directors, producers and fashion icons there, thankfully I succeeded in doing so. In these 15 years in Dubai, I was able to create and Instagram profile called “Dubai pretty ladies” in 2013 to depict the life style of the people out there.

2) How did you get into fashion?

I think I’ve always been into fashion. Fashion seems to be part pf my personality, not any part but an intrinsic one. Ever since I was young, I have always imagined life behind my camera lenses and all of this because of my love to beauty, fashion, creativity and innovation.

3) What kinds of work do you offer in such a deep and sophisticated world?

Actually I do lots of tasks, and I am glad to do so. I promote brands, I do styling sessions, I attend a lot of events, and you can say that fashion dwells in me, but throughout all these years I have built my identity, and I was able to portray the best looks.

4) Isn’t it a bit difficult to manage between your demanding work and your family at the same time?

Things did not happen magically, and motherhood is not easy. Working moms have it tough. You have to be fully committed to work and family. Sometimes it is exhausting, but you have to make it happen. But thanks God, I was able to succeed in being a mother and a fashion icon with the support of my lovely husband and my two angels.

5) We can see that your children are part of your content, is it their choice or yours?

Indeed, I have indulged into society exactly as I have planned, and I have managed my private and social life so well. I make sure I am not invading my kids’ privacy and give them the whole freedom to do choose whether they like their pictures to be posted on my platforms or not. So it’s their choice not mine.

6) Does exposing your children to your social media life contribute to increasing your following list?

I believe that I don’t have to expose my kids to my social media in order to gain more followers, because I want people to follow me and not my private life. I have never aimed to use my children to promote my social media platforms. People from all over the world were fascinated with my content, and it’s the reason behind gaining this huge number of followers.

7) Do you get any help so that to catch up on all your work?

Absolutely not! I have built my own production house, I am working on 2 brands of my own, I take care of my family and I manage my time equally between all of these. And I did them all alone without any help. It’s women’s power!

8) After all, what is your aim for the future?

I always want to grow more, advance and progress, and my biggest aim is to show women and the whole world that nothing is impossible, and you can always achieve your aims and reach all the places you want to reach.

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