Amazing Hair Saviour Is the New Craze in the Hair World

September 01 14:33 2021
This brand of hair and scalp care oil is ideal for people looking for a hair-thickening solution that also promotes scalp health.

Keeping healthy hair today is next to impossible. Many people are having a hard time booking their sessions at the salon due to the dangers of COVID-19. Others just have to deal with do-it-yourself treatments they can do at home. Amazing Hair Saviour understands how important it is for many women and men to keep their hair and scalp healthy. This is why the oil has been so wonderful to bring back shine and strength into people’s hair while they’re in the comfort of their homes.

“To love your scalp is to love your hair.” This is the core tenet of Amazing Hair Saviour. Its natural hair oil boasts the natural ingredients of rosemary, nigella sativa, almond, and coconut to promote overall hair and scalp health.

Studies have shown that rosemary is an effective hair growth agent. Nigella sativa, on the other hand, is lauded by various research studies because of its healing properties.

You might be wondering what sets the oil apart from the rest of the products that are available on the market. Well, the oil is made from pure ingredients and is handmade with no chemicals that could damage your hair. Amazing Hair Saviour is organic and does not contain any chemicals or additives! Rosemary is a key ingredient in the product, and studies show that rosemary oil is capable of killing bacteria and fungi on the scalp. If you have a scalp infection or an unhealthy scalp in general, this is the oil for you!

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disorder that Amber Khan (the creator of this miracle oil) has struggled with in the past. Amber is very open about her journey on her website and her social media, trying to encourage people that there is still hope for your hair. She walks through her journey and how her product came to be, which was all due to alopecia. Her doctor told her that the only treatments available were injections and heavily medicated creams. After getting an injection and seeing no results, she did extensive research and found a study where rosemary and minoxidil were used to treat people with DHT-related hair loss.

“One of the most traumatic things I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing was when I woke up one day, on vacation, with half my hair on the pillow, visible bald spots everywhere on my head, not knowing what caused it, what it was and most of all what to do about it,” Amber wrote on her website.

An avid gardener, Amber took some rosemary plants and concocted what her friends call a “magic potion.” She did not see any results until eight months later. She was apprehensive that the oil could affect her hair regrowth, so she stopped using it for a year. In that period, she had dry, damaged, brittle, and uneven hair that no salon treatment or haircare product could improve.

She had given the oil she made earlier to her daughter who, after a few months, had fuller, healthier curly hair. She decided to make some more oil and use it again. A few months later, she had soft and bouncy hair, like she never had alopecia. Her friends also loved the results that they got after using the oil, making Amber realize that she could help more people.

In just a year and a half, Amazing Hair Saviour has already helped over 20,000 happy customers.

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About Amazing Hair Saviour

Amazing Hair Saviour is a start-up created by Amber Khan, a mom based in King City, Ontario. She developed this miracle hair and scalp oil after her bout with hair loss. After an injection to treat her alopecia areata did not work, she did her research to develop her own natural formula that could help improve hair and scalp health. The oil helps with hair health and scalp moisturization.

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