The 2021 Hsinchu City International Kite Festival kicks off in Taiwan on September 4

August 31 23:48 2021
Flying anti-epidemic vest kites, Kuai Kuai kite, stunt kites, and luminous kites to salute epidemic preventers; watching the event via online streaming for the first time

The pandemic slowing down, the mayor of Hsinchu City Lin Chih-chien has announced that the 2021 Hsinchu City International Kite Festival will kick off and be held on September 4-5. This kite event will use the “Slight Unlockdown” as a theme to salute the epidemic preventers. At the event, there will be a Hsinchu team flying anti-epidemic vest kites and a giant Kuai Kuai green kite, which is blown up 15 times from an actual size to signify the pandemic hitting zero cases in a “Kuai Kuai” way. In Chinese, “kuai kuai” means “well-behaved” and is also a packaged snack name. Supplied from the US, the UK, Germany, France, Singapore, and New Zealand are other giant kites, which will make their first appearance, such as a 15-meter long whale shark and a 15-meter long train. To prevent the pandemic, this year’s event can be watched via online streaming as well. Video cameras will be tied up onto the flying kites for closer look. Five shows of kite-flying performance will be arranged for the audience. Those who are interested to attend need to make an online reservation, which is open from August 28. Each show is limited to 300 attendees.

Mayor Lin has extolled the success of pandemic prevention achieved by the Hsinchu anti-epidemic team which is comprised of volunteers, police, and medical personnel. Due to their effort, the city government can continue to hold this international kite festival. To thank them, kites shaped in anti-epidemic vests, policemen and heroes are designed to hover together in the air. The team also created a giant kite by using the green Kuai Kuai – the good-luck charm of the Hsinchu Science Park. Other daily-life kites related to slight unlockdown are kites shaped in guitars, schoolbags, railway landscape. This kite festival will certainly make people feel different.  

Mayor Lin Chih-Chien said that during the pandemic, we were all bored at home. Now you are cordially invited to attend this festival through an online reservation. To prevent the pandemic, we have people around to maintain crowd control. While enjoying the festival, you may take this opportunity to come to see the Fish Scale Ladder, and the Wave Market at the Nanliao Fishing Port the City Government has invested US$50 million to retrofit. This festival will be streamed online for the first time. We have hired a professional team to film the site from all angles, which will give the viewers a virtual feeling of visiting the site in person. Join the fan group on Mayor Lin’s Facebook for online streaming!

According to Cheng Kai-yuan, chairman of the Asian International Kite Federation, to design and produce the unique giant Kuai Kuai kite, they needed to obtain a copyright first, and then to overcome the problem of a soft kite’s flat airinlet. Many experiments were conducted in order to deal with the problem. The kite is enlarged proportionately, and is now super realistic. The team’s anti-epidemic vest kites, a skeleton type, also had a hurdle to clear. Hsinchu is well-known for its unique September draft. After countless precise calculations, they finally cracked it by finding a right kite size. Cheng added that having worried about the strong draft in Hsinchu, we arranged stunt kite performances, which will not be affected by the draft. These stunt kites can fly like fighters, making formations, turns and overturns. Besides, we have landscape kites such as trains, goslings, doves to allow viewers to take closer photographs.

There will be five shows of kite performance at the site, and crowd control will be performed. An online reservation is open on the website of To enter the site, only one single entrance is allowed, and those who enter need to wear a mask at all times, have a temperature check, and hand sanitization. Food is not allowed, and one-meter social distancing must be kept outdoors.

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The mayor of Hsinchu City Lin Chih-chien

The Nanliao Fishing Port, the international site for flying kites in Hsinchu, has been greatly praised by many international kite flyers as the best site for flying kites in Asia. 

Hsinchu anti-epidemic team is safeguarding citizens.

Kuai Kuai kite, the good-luck charm of the Hsinchu Science Park, is introduced by BBC News.

Boguang Market


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