Start Living Group Ltd Introduces One Stop Solution For Businesses In The Construction Industry

August 31 17:18 2021

StartLiving Group is a Construction and Real estate development company with a goal of excellence and has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional construction service. The Company has traveled to over 23 countries to make the best price available for its clients’ premium services. They have many contracts with different companies that only they can purchase from them. The Company has a team of skilled workmen, experienced engineers, highly trained building contractors, and superintendents to maintain heavy construction in the site of operation. 

The company offers various services, including Real estate Development, Installation, Construction, Multi Storage Facilities, Interior Design Services. It also provides premium services in House Construction, including finding or buying parts, accommodating customer specifications, and the additional procedures and finishing work. Their financial assistance also demonstrates the diversity in the services offered by StartLiving Group Ltd. to its customers ranging from finding solutions to finding credit and creating real estate investment portfolios.

Real estate development

All activities that vary from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of developed land or parcels to others are efficiently and quickly handled. StartLiving Group coordinates this multitude of activities, converting idea drafts to physical property​. StartLiving Group buys, lands and finances Real Estate deals. It has builders build projects, create, imagine, control. Orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end, aka A to Z. Typically, StartLiving Group purchases a tract of land, determines the marketing of the property, and develops the building program and design, obtaining the necessary public approval and financing, builds the structures, and rents out manage it. The StartLiving Group works entirely independently to offer its customers the best price and service for the property.

Installation and construction 

StartLiving Group’s site installation begins with site clearing – uprooting trees, and preparation. Next, groundwork is carried out for the utilities to be set up, including trenching for underground utilities. Post this, the foundation is laid, and concrete pouring is carried out. Next up, the conduits are secured to install the electrical and the plumbing. Once the stage is set, the various units are installed in the appropriate foundations, and the site is made ready for handover after proper cleaning and due diligence.

Multi Storage Facilities 

There are multi-storage facilities offered; steel buildings are noticeable for their wide variety of shapes, significant spans, natural lighting, and overall impression as modern and aesthetic constructions. They apply mainly for office buildings, banks, hotels, commercial centers, and garages. Multi-storage facilities have many advantages in many fields. There is a high degree of industrial prefabrication, shortening of the construction time, the lower mass of the structure, and benefits for foundations. For good seismic behavior due to the ductility of steel. 

Interior Design Services 

Clients deserve a home that is functional and stylish. They shouldn’t put it off until the kids are grown up. StartLiving Group Ltd. creates a beautiful space that fits customer needs so that they are always proud to invite guests over. Interior design facilities are delightfully affordable to the clients. StartLiving Group believes that interior design should be accessible to everyone. That’s why StartLiving’s Group packages are made to be cheap. Designers are trained to work within a client’s budget. StartLiving Group always focuses on building.

Home Construction 

Construction of a home is the process of constructing a house​, ​generally referred to as a ‘home’ when considering the people who reside there. Home construction techniques have evolved to produce a vast multitude of living accommodations available today. StartLiving Group caters to different levels of wealth and power and warrants various sizes, luxuries, and even defenses in a “home.” 

Finding or buying parts 

There are primarily two methods for house construction that can be distinguished: the method in which architects assume the free choice of materials and parts and the process in which reclaimed materials are used. The entire construction, the house is a “work in progress.” (about every aspect of it is subject to change at any given time. depending on what materials are found). StartLiving Group has used the second method. 


Architectural Drawings. This construction company understands that a modern family home has many more systems and facets of construction than one might initially believe. With an in-depth study, the StartLiving Group has deep knowledge about everything there is to know about any given home construction phase. Specifications and Civil Site Plans comprise the document for new house construction. Specifications consist of a detailed description of the materials to be used in construction. Specifications are typically organized by each trade required to construct a home. 


Each process starts with a planning stage. Plans are prepared by an architect and approved by the client and any regulatory authority. After this, the site is cleared for sewerage. – foundations are laid, and trenches for connection to services, water, and electricity to be established. When the client chooses a wooden-framed house, the framework is first constructed to support the boards, siding, and roof. 


As a European Real Estate Developer and construction company, they have been developing and implementing Real Estate projects at their own risk and are contract construction service providers. They stand for the full range of project developments: single-family houses or townhouses, condominiums, apartments, Hotels. This company masters the entire range of residential properties and much more.

Financial Advice Services 

StartLiving Group ensures the clients understand the nature and scope of the advice being provided. For example, they always explain if they’re only able to advise about specific products. There’s a conflict of interest with the client. They always only recommend financial products that comply with the FMC Act. 

Through hard work and consistency, StartLiving Group has earned a reputation for its quality work and its high level of integrity in dealing with customers, architects, engineers, suppliers, and contractors.

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