NutriEnergized Ambassador and Sports Model Yana_Garasuta Shares 7 Rules to Achieve a Leaner Body & Glowing Skin

August 31 12:24 2021

August 31, 2021 – Sports model and NutriEnergized ambassador Yana_Garasuta is passionate about living healthy and freely shares tips for staying fit. Yana has recently shared 7 rules that help beat stress and keep the mind and body fit. The rules help in obtaining a leaner body, rejuvenate the skin and have many more benefits.

The daily life today is hectic, and on top of that, many are overweight, and not able to shed calories to obtain that leaner physique and glowing skin. Adding to the frustration is the fact that many begin to exercise or eat well, but abandon the effort mid-way. I hope my tips will the readers to understand the basic facts and include them in their lifestyle,” says Yana.

For those who want to achieve a glowing skin, Yana says that it is linked to our diet and the state of health. The first thing to do to improve the skin is to check the nutrition value, rather than just focusing on diet. Diet is a temporary habit, and later on, people want to eat as usual. The other thing about dieting is that it is always full of restrictions, and that does not go well with our brain. That’s why working on nutrition is a positive step. According to Yana, we should aim at making it hygienic for our body and to keep the skin glowing.

Yana’s seven rules for a healthy living are aimed at nutrition and other related aspects for achieving a lean and glowing skin. 

Rule 1: Include greens and veggies, plenty of them, in the diet. These are the things rich in anti-oxidants and fibers, which go towards reducing weight, lowering cholesterol and keeping the skin fresh and fair. Vegetables are recommended to keep check on glucose levels, and thus specially good for diabetics. About 400gm of vegetables and greens should be taken every day.

Rule 2: Include plenty of fiber in the diet. This is a way to avoid overeating and maintaining a healthy state of gut microbiota. It also reduces hormones that induce hunger, and slows the movement of food in the gut.

Rule 3: Play some sports. Sports can have a healthy impact on one’s health and quality of daily life. These are not only fun, but also keep the body active and healthy, improving the heart function, lowing diabetes risk, reducing weight, regulating blood sugar and reliving stress and tension. 

Rule 4: Drink sufficient quantity of water. A healthy and glowing skin requires plenty of hydration so as to improve blood circulation and delivery of nutrients to all body cells. Water also helps to remove toxins and pollutants from the body and the skin.

Rule 5: A protein-rich diet is recommended. This will include meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products that produce a feeling of fullness and control appetite.

Rule 6: Avoid junk foods, industrial products, use of drugs and smoking. 

Rule 7: Sleep for 6 to 8 hours for a healthy body and shiny skin.

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