Qingdao Shuimu Induction Equipment Co.,Ltd. Announces Collection Of High-Performance Induction Weld Preheating PWHT Machines

August 31 12:20 2021
With more than 20 years in the industry, Qingdao Shuimu remains one of the best, offering clients top quality products that ensure stable performance, low temperature and environmental protection

China – Qingdao Shuimu induction equipment co.,ltd. is proud to announce its collection of high-performance induction weld preheating PWHT machines. The company that has been around for more than two decades remains one of the best Induction Heating Equipment Manufacturers globally, offering wholesale pricing for customers. 

Shuimu’s PWHT equipment is made using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques that follow international standards. Components for making them are sourced from the best raw material and parts manufacturers worldwide, licensed and certified by the highest authorities that monitor global standards in the manufacturing sector. 

These induction heating machines are useful in industries that create modern devices and gadgets, and building machinery and other equipment that makes our modern world functional. They are used in petrochemical, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, nuclear power, casting, plastics processing, casting, aerospace, electricity, etc. 

PWHT equipment from Qingdao Shuimu specializes in thermal assembly, fluid heating, metal weld heating, non-ferrous metal melting to ensure smooth and stress-free welding, design, and manufacturing. Shuimu has several products in their collection, but one of their best products is the SMD300 range, widely used in weld preheating, coating, painting, bending, and heating removing. It’s designed for superior rapid heating, and it’s available in different options ranging from 20KW to 120KW. 

Manufacturing can be tedious without the right tools, but with induction heating equipment from Qingdao Shuimu induction equipment co.,ltd. manufacturers have nothing to worry about. They are guaranteed to enjoy easy operation, stable performance, low temperature, and energy conservation. In addition, each product is made with environmental protection in mind, ensuring that clients remain committed to environmental protection goals. 

Customers also enjoy low prices, and the company offers their wholesale induction heater for those making bulk purchases. They are ready to collaborate with any organization for their manufacturing process or projects, offering them preheating and welding tools and equipment that ensures the best results. 

For more information, please visit https://www.cmheat.com/.  

About Qingdao Shuimu Induction Equipment co.,ltd.

Qingdao Shuimu induction equipment co.,ltd. is a manufacturer of induction weld preheating PWHT machines based in China. The company was established in 1999 and has become one of the best suppliers of induction equipment for design and manufacturing companies in different sectors across the world. They have several patents and have received recognition and excellence awards, including EC Certification MYD, Key Credit Certification Enterprises, and ISO.

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