Free Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Vastly Streamlines Hiring of Talent

August 31 06:23 2021

VanHack announces the launch of its free Applicant Tracking System (ATS), giving startups and early-stage companies a strategic advantage in the fierce competition for skilled talent.

The demand for skilled tech talent has never been greater, with many mid-market cities seeing a 44 percent jump in hiring for tech jobs between the fourth quarter of 2020 and first quarter of 2021.

In addition, shifting work patterns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have led many employers to hire candidates from across the globe. “Remote and hire-from-anywhere policies are making it even more difficult for companies to recruit because now they’re not only competing against local employers, but desirable workplaces around the world,” said Ilya Brotzky, CEO & Founder of VanHack.

The average interview period for a software development engineer is 40.8 days. “Our ATS features greatly reduce the time-to-hire period which gives our customers the ability to cut to the front of the line and make the first job offer,” explains Brotzky.

Technology Industry-Specific Features Remove the Guesswork

Companies that are startups, growth stage, or in non-technology industries are at a distinct disadvantage in their tech worker recruitment efforts. Not only are full stack developers, DevOp specialists and programmers scarce and expensive, hiring them requires some level of understanding about suitable certifications and programming languages.

“Most recruiters don’t know the difference between Python and Perl, or Rust and Ruby, so they may not know how to screen for highly technical roles and therefore run the risk of hiring someone with outdated skills,” notes Tiago Máximo, CTO of VanHack. “Our software gives them a 360-degree view of candidates’ education, skills and experience, so they can swiftly identify the strongest applicants and begin scheduling interviews.”

Rather than sifting through dozens of detailed resumes, ATS highlights each applicant’s skills on a Profile Card so employers can quickly see if they have the right matching qualifications.

Candidates also upload introductory videos of themselves, specify their technical skills and certifications, and indicate their visa status and salary expectations. Keyword searches and advanced filters allow employers to pinpoint the ideal candidate quickly.

Streamlining the Interview Process

The average interview process takes 22.9 days in Canada and the US, and an additional four to nine days in countries like France, Germany and the United Kingdom, according to Glassdoor.  More screening requirements, the growth of group interviews, and the challenges of scheduling interviews across multiple time zones all contribute to the lengthening interview timelines.

VanHack has designed its proprietary applicant tracking system to streamline many of these tasks. The system integrates with Google and Office calendars, automatically calculates time differences across locations, and sets up recurring interview slots. These efficiencies mean recruiters spend less time on administrative tasks, like scheduling interviews, and more time focused on making a good hire.

Group interviews are on the rise, both because they save time and due to the increase in remote work in today’s environment.  The ATS platform permits hiring team members to collaborate and add comments on each candidate’s profile, so all relevant data is stored in one place.

Hiring KPIs at a Glance

The dashboard view of the ATS provides recruiters with a simple, easy-to-understand visual snapshot of what stages candidates have moved through in the hiring pipeline for each open position. Employers can see how many candidates have applied, which interviews have been scheduled, which are completed, how many are in the final pool, and so on.

“The dashboard view has been important to our customers. It boosts their ability to move through the interview process as fast as possible, helping to avoid losing their next great teammate,” said Brotzky.

The numbers bear this out. VanHack, which also has a robust tech talent recruitment service, has worked with more than 200,000 tech professionals from all over the world. A full 80 percent of the tech candidates who applied within 30 minutes to a newly posted position through the ATS software went on to be hired by the listing company.

Not Just Affordable, But Free

Though other candidate tracking software options exist, they often come with a hefty price tag – as much as $250,000 a year for enterprise companies. “Many of these platforms are great, but we kept hearing complaints from our customers that they didn’t quite do what they wanted and also about the high price tag,” reports Giselle Guimarães, CSO & Co-founder of VanHack.

VanHack knew what features would be important to employers because they used those same features themselves. “So, after five years of building our own internal ATS, we decided to open it up to the world and launch a robust, easy-to-use and, most importantly, free, applicant tracking system,” explains Brotzky.

Companies interested in learning more about VanHack’s Application Tracking System can visit the company website at

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Founded in 2015, VanHack is one of the world’s largest communities of developers, with 214,000 members across 170 countries. The company strives to create a borderless world where talented tech professionals can move wherever they are needed to help companies innovate and grow. Its services include tech talent recruitment, technical skills training, and the Applicant Tracking System software platform. Their clients include SkipTheDishes, Rogers, and Brex, and the company has been featured in such places as TIME Magazine, Forbes, and Business in Vancouver (BIV).

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