Plastic Surgery on the Rise Post-Pandemic Including Among Men

August 30 20:56 2021

Almost everyone has put on a few pounds during the pandemic. Constant access to the fridge and working from home isn’t the best for staying healthy. Men are no exception. Men are also noticing the impact of the stress of the last year and a half, and one of those significant impacts seems to be looking older than they are. More than ten percent of men feel like they look at least five years older since the beginning of Covid.

During the worst of the pandemic, the plastic surgery industry has been on hiatus because most procedures are considered elective or non-essential. Now though, as things take a turn for the better and more people get vaccinated, it’s making a solid comeback.

Zoom meetings may have contributed to the rise in men that desire things like buccal fat removal. As the work environment begins to shift, work from home is becoming a primary choice for many jobs, and with that comes the need to be in front of a camera. That problem is twofold: everyone wants to look their best in a virtual meeting, and during those meetings and video calls, people are now forced to look at themselves in high resolution on the screen daily. Regardless of what people think about it, appearance matters and no one wants to look older than they need to.

Women and celebrities have been taking advantage of Botox for years, and now the rise of the era of Brotox. Men want to look their best, which means taking steps to reduce the signs of aging on the face. In some areas, demand for consultations on injectable procedures has risen roughly seventy percent for men.

Another procedure men are turning to in this post-pandemic world is bichectomy, a facial procedure to remove fat precisely from the cheek areas. But, again, hours a day in front of ring lights and high-definition cameras lead more people to notice the things about themselves that bother them, or they want to change. For men, one of those things is rounded faces or puffy cheeks. In addition, most men want to achieve a masculine look, and one way to accomplish that is to create a more defined cheek line. Buccal fat removal does just that; it removes fat from the cheek area, allowing the natural cheekbone line to show clearly.

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