$7.1B Poem “Destroying Principalities” Set for Secret Auction This October In SoHo, Manhattan

August 30 20:22 2021
$7.1B Poem "Destroying Principalities" Set for Secret Auction This October In SoHo, Manhattan

RISING STAR will be holding a secret SoHo auction for the latest addition to their exclusive collections, a poem titled “Destroying Principalities”. The innovative fashion house serves a divine purpose, helping Christians in developing countries. All funds raised from this exclusive auction will be donated to the EarthSchool System and EarthChurch developments.

The buyer will have exclusive ownership rights through a secure digital format to this poem. As with the other pieces of RISING STAR’s exclusive collection of original faith-inspired art, this represents a unique investment opportunity. Previous pieces from RISING STAR have included the “I Love Jesus” poem anthology, where individual poems attracted notice with listings up to $350M each.

This October at a secret location in SoHo, Manhattan, one buyer will have an opportunity to secure the most unique piece of literature ever sold. “Destroying Principalities” will inspire change throughout the world and show the healing power of the written word.

Those interested in being part of this unique opportunity can reach RISING STAR at [email protected]


Founded in New York and based in SoHo, RISING STAR is a new fashion house quickly overtaking the fashion industry thanks to its commitment to creativity, uniqueness, and spreading the light of Jesus Christ. The innovative company has recently proved its dedication to spreading the message of Christianity and unity by acquiring photos from various talented artists to form the once in a lifetime collections. Starting with the “I Met Jesus” or “I Met Jesus 10 Times” Collection, the new anomaly is moving into the Fall/Winter season with a new set of special collections.

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