Sour Honey LLC Launches Informational Website And Videos

August 30 18:51 2021
The Brazilian source for organic honey has added several new videos to its website. The purpose of the videos is to inform and describe the growing conditions and harvesting process for pure organic honey.

Sour Honey is pleased to announce that the La Quinta, California-based firm is an online source for pure organic honey. Brazil’s growing popularity as a producer and distributor of hard-to-find organic honey is shown in several videos which describe the growing conditions and benefits of pure organic honey products. The videos provide basic information, such as the benefits that the product offers and in-depth information from professionals and medical researchers.

The product is produced in a small, desolate area in the Brazilian jungle. Scientists believe that the honey from this region is so pure partially because it was never tampered with for thousands of years; partially because it is not mass-produced in large quantities, unlike regular honey. Therefore, this honey is believed to be one of the rarest honey on earth.

The honey from Brazil is slowly becoming a household name. By researching the words “sour honey from Brazil” or “sour honey,” it is possible to come across some skepticism, some glowing testimonials,  as well as claims which speculate that it is ‘the real deal.’ The product line offered at is sold in twelve-ounce (net weight) containers. Every order comes with instructions for consumption, as well as some basic recipes to use in conjunction with the product. The statements made in the videos were created by neutral third parties. Although the health benefits of honey have long been studied and praised, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional details are available at

The online e-commerce site only carries limited quantities, so there may be times when the inventory cannot accommodate some orders, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The inventory is tracked and updated on the website when each product is sold. The company does its best to keep visitors informed, via the website, when it is sold out and when more Brazilian Honey is back in stock.

About the Company:

Sour Honey, LLC offers pure organic honey from Brazil through its website. The honey is produced and collected under careful conditions to ensure purity. The e-commerce website has posted several informative videos about the product. 

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