What Is In The Cards For HGTV Star Eric Eremita? Host? Producer? Director?

August 30 15:48 2021
What Is In The Cards For HGTV Star Eric Eremita? Host? Producer? Director?

“My Dream Would Be To Work With Fellow New Yorker John Favreau”

Eric Eremita is a beloved celebrity contractor who rose to fame after being on several HGTV shows. However, the fan favorite has not appeared on any programs on the network as of lately, which made viewers ask the question, “When will Eric Eremita return to HGTV?”

People first took notice of the dynamic character in the second season of Brother Vs. Brother where he competed for Team Drew. Despite not being crowned as the winner, Eric Eremita still emerged victorious as he was selected to be general contractor for another hit HGTV show, Love It or List It.

He has been working in the industry since the ’90s and has even received numerous awards for his craftsmanship, custom home building, and renovations. Because of his unparalleled skills and talent in interior and exterior design, the contractor quickly gained the approval of audiences worldwide. In addition, he has a no-nonsense attitude, a vibrant personality that fans love and let’s not forget those big blue eyes!

After spending five years with the series and appearing in more than 75 episodes, he finally bid farewell to the program. On the premiere of the show’s 15th season, fans quickly noticed his absence and expressed their disappointment. 

Despite that, the New York City native clarifies that his exit to the show does not signify the end of his career in the entertainment industry. On the contrary, he explained that he is gearing up to take on other projects, explore new ventures, and open a new chapter in his life. 

To fulfill this goal, he has signed with BUCHWALD, one of Hollywood’s largest talent agencies. The time that he spent away from the limelight was dedicated to arranging and organizing his plans for the future. First off, he has written several television shows as well as a book. On top of that, he plans on adding the distinction of being a producer and director under his belt.

More importantly, he is working on his passion project called HOME-BOYS. The innovative show features Eric Eremita and his apprentice and right-hand man, Conrad Layton. Together, the duo takes on home renovations and interior design, turning houses into dream homes.

But we know Eric wouldn’t be stopping there. We asked him what else was on wish list for film and television and he replied that a dream come true would be to work with a fellow New Yorker and one of his all time favorite actor, director, producer and screenwriter John Favreau. 

And would love to try out his singing skills on “The Masked Singer.”

Aside from elevating his show business career, the productive individual has started another stylish undertaking. Putting his extensive expertise in design to good use, he started an apparel and clothing line called “THIRTEEN by Eric Eremita.” The intention from the very start was to create a platform for 13, which combines style, fashion, art & housewares in an original yet modern and classical way. At the forefront of his vision Eric wants 13 to inspire generations of old and new. Pushing the boundaries of creative excellence. 

Eric’s vision for 13 is about focusing on today, creating a better tomorrow and living life to the fullest. It’s all about inspiring future generations while providing love & respect as a big family!

Fans can be rest assured that they have not seen the last of Eric Eremita yet. They should be on the lookout for the upcoming projects and business ventures that the celebrity contractor has lined up. In the meantime, viewers who have missed seeing the remarkable character on TV can continue with their quest if it may be on the HGTV network or beyond! So Stay Tuned! But we are extremely curious for what HGTV has planned for this star talent! 

Follow Eric Eremita and his new endeavors on Instagram and check out Thirteen by Eric Eremita’s online shop.

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