Sharon M. Kirkpatrick shares that ‘There are angels all around us’

August 30 10:04 2021
Sharon M. Kirkpatrick shares that 'There are angels all around us'

STAYTON, Ore. – August 27, 2021 – There really are angels all around us. They are given to us by God for very specific purposes. They may come in different forms and shapes, but they are here—among us. Why does God want us to recognize the angels He sends to us? It is because we deserve it, to be loved and to have a different sense of belonging in this world.

“Angel Wings & Heart Strings”, will inspire and encourage you to know that you are never alone. Ever! Author Sharon M. Kirkpatrick writes about her powerful personal experience in poems, her readers will enter a world of faith, loneliness, joy, courage, wisdom, victory, and strength.

She writes: “There are angels all around us. Some of them are active in our daily lives… our spouses, our children who lift us when we are down. Some are sent by God to guide us in our time of need. Take a journey to the depths of your soul and discover how love and angels interrelate throughout the book. You will read the words that you feel deep inside but could not express causing a change to come over you to give love a chance to bloom in all that you do.”

Every so often we’re blessed by angels disguised as friends, family member, and or a stranger. Kirkpatrick’s writing is a recommendation for channeling guidance from angels and spirit guides and learn to embrace its energy. It is a both comforting and inspiring book that is written to give hope, and a way to attain peace. The very humbling experiences of the author are enough to give you a jolt of reality and the hope that every bad thing happening to us will eventually be conquered and defeated.

If you want a story to experience the whole range of emotions, read “Angel Wings & Heart Strings”—highly recommended for seekers, believers and healers. In this memoir, Kirkpatrick tells the story of her survival on finding her inner peace, of her hope for the future and how she found a way to give voice to other people.

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“Angel Wings & Heart Strings”
By Sharon M. Kirkpatrick
Kindle | $2.99 | 978-1-64753-214-7
Paperback | $8.99 | 978-1-64753-213-0
Available on URLink Print & Media, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers

About the Author

Sharon M. Kirkpatrick was born and raised in Portland, Oregon where she raised her two children. She has been honored to have her poem “My Special Earth Angel” in the “An Hour at Sunrise” edition by Estelle Petri (Editor), published by The International Library of Poetry. She has been down many roads in her life. She went to Kaplan University to become a Paralegal; National Notary Association, to become a Signing Agent Specialist and a Notary. She has studied at the Women’s Crisis Center and also went to Bryman Dental school to attain a Dental Assistant degree.

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