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August 30 13:21 2021
ParallelStaff is a nearshore outsourcing company based in Latin America. The brand offers reliable and affordable services for companies searching for IT talents in neighboring countries.

The main principle of nearshore staff augmentation is to expand the team with individuals who are better suited for a particular job. In the world of IT, the criteria most hiring managers are taking into consideration typically span beyond accolades and university diplomas. 

Finding the right cadre of software developers consumes days, if not weeks of precious time on interviews, which companies could use to improve their technologies, acquire new leads, and generally upgrade any aspect of their businesses. 

The roster of nearshore IT talent in Latin America is eclectic and vast, although scouring through the entire market would be detrimental for even the largest of companies, not to mention smaller brands that are on a tight budget.

ParallelStaff is a professional nearshore software outsourcing company that excels at helping brands and companies create efficient software development groups and teams at highly approachable prices:

“We will assist you in forming cross-functional teams comprised of your current staff and professional Latin Americans. We allow you to choose directly from a rich community marketplace of hyper-talented software engineers, and you can choose the people who are a good fit for your brand.”

The brand accentuates the fact that talented developers are still on the market, although locating the right individual for a particular company typically takes a tremendous amount of time. ParallelStaff aims to help their customers and clients fill up vacant slots by nearshoring IT talent individuals.

ParallelStaff points out that the brand is mainly interested in professionals who are experts of their craft, much rather than searching for individuals who were boarding high-revenue bandwagons:

“From long-term partnerships to production blips, our flexible nearshore staff augmentation will help you find the right people at the right time. Don’t waste time, resources, or headaches looking for talent near you; instead, use ParallelStaff to broaden your scope. We don’t just look for great talent in Latin America; we look for the best talent. Let’s flip the current talent system on its head. We recruit based on expertise rather than revenue.”

ParallelStaff’s services have been warmly received by numerous companies. Dozens of VPs, CEOs, and CIOs have shared their experiences with the brand. Jacob Wright was beyond satisfied with his outsourced developers, stating:

“The team has been fantastic! They are happy to operate under pressure and take satisfaction in attracting the top applicants in the industry who meet the needs of the company. ParallelStaff has given high-quality engineers who have created outstanding products.”

Rachel Johnson, a Director of Configuration, stated:

“We were able to quickly complement our internal team and find the exact skills we were looking for by partnering with ParallelStaff. We have been well-taken care of by the ParallelStaff team all along the way.”

More information about ParallelStaff can be found on the brand’s official website.

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