Todd Medina Seeking to Build People up Mentally and Physically to Defend themselves and Be in Control of Their Lives

August 30 12:18 2021
Todd Medina Seeking to Build People up Mentally and Physically to Defend themselves and Be in Control of Their Lives

Self-defense has never been more important for anyone than now that the world is filled with bullies, abusers, and trolls. Todd Medina, with his experience in the world of fighting sports, has taken it upon himself to arm this generation with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to take control of their lives and fight off challenges.

Todd Medina is known for being on the legendary Carlson Gracie Team and was the first American to be on the team. More recently, he has made headlines as the president of the Strike Fighting Championship, which was established in 2008. He is a prominent figure in combat sports and is passionate about the science of mental dominance and helping people achieve excellence in every area of their lives. Todd is one of the few Hall of Famers and elite champions in combat sports and has set out to extend his impact to other people.

As an experienced fighter who has dominated and won the Russian M-1 Heavyweight World Champion, he knows what it takes for any athlete to excel and build the right mindset. He remains the first and only American to have won the Russian M-1 Heavyweight World Champion and a Strike FC World Champion. He’s also a Universal Vale Tudo Fighting Champion and UFC veteran.

Todd Medina believes strongly in making all age groups proficient in defending themselves and learning how to stop a situation before it degenerates into something dangerous.

“Self-defense is important, and having all the requisite skills needed for self-defense can boost a person’s physical and mental confidence. That’s what I intend to achieve for as many people as possible all over the world,” Todd said. “If you, your child, or someone you know is untrained, then you must learn how to stop a situation before it happens,” he added.

Todd’s foray into physical combat sports was borne from seeing his mother experience physical and mental abuse. He describes the experience as challenging and one that made him helpless and stressed. After an illustrious career in the sport, he decided to become a front-line advocate who transforms the lives of survivors with a particular focus on children, women and men who want to learn and experience how to be in control of their lives.

With an active media presence, Todd Medina has spread his message worldwide to motivate leaders, athletes and young people who want to become the best at the things that drive them. He has featured on FOX, NBC and CBS and multiple social media platforms and podcasts. He has also traveled worldwide studying combat sports and the science behind it by interviewing successful athletes and coaches. Todd is also popularly called “The Fight Coach,” and he has beefed up his reputation as the iconic professional fighter who motivates people to follow their dreams and never stop learning. His catchphrase “If you didn’t know, now you know” has become a signature statement associated with his brand.

While teaching self-defense and practical fighting skills is what Todd Medina is passionate about, his ultimate goal is to help people achieve their dreams through positive mental conditioning and brace them appropriately for the difficulties and challenges they might face in life. As he continues to put in the work to turn lives around, Todd looks forward to a safer world.

“It’s difficult to know exactly where I will be in five years with the World events changing so dramatically. However, these threatening times call for a skilled coach who cares and will focus on transforming lives while making the world safer,” he said.

Protecting families and communities is what drives him, and he hopes to get the chance to teach skills that help differentiate between self-defense and self-perseverance.

“These are skills that teach when to utilize the fight or flight response and ultimately boost confidence,” he noted.

Learn more about Todd Medina on his official website.

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