How Functional Orthopedic Medicine is Transforming Lives

August 28 01:51 2021
Introducing Dr. Shounuck Patel’s comprehensive philosophy of functional orthopedics.

Welcome to the future of healthcare. Welcome to Functional Orthopedic Medicine.

Dr. Shounuck Patel is trailblazing the practice of Functional Orthopedic Medicine in order to restore the body without invasive surgeries.

He believes that in order to re-establish the body’s natural movements, we must first identify both the biologic and biomechanical causes of an injury, then treat all pieces of the puzzle holistically. Put simply, Dr. Patel takes the time to listen to his patients, examine them fully, and then give them a comprehensive treatment plan.

Functional Orthopedic Medicine is Dr. Shounuck Patel’s philosophy based on three principles:


Dr. Patel believes that in order to restore optimal function, we must first identify the root causes of injury, and then treat all the pieces of the puzzle holistically. This means Dr. Patel takes the time to listen to each patient intently, examine them fully, and then comprehensively recommend the best treatment plan for long-term healing and recovery.


The body is capable of remarkable things including self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance. By using the most advanced technologies, Dr. Patel combines treatments such as prolotherapy, PRP, bone marrow and adipose fat grafts that are customized for each individual patient’s specific condition and unique body.


Dr. Patel uses advanced imaging techniques called Interventional Orthopedics which include high-definition ultrasound and fluoroscopy x-ray technology to inject solutions directly where they are needed for maximum benefit to his patients. Exact precision takes time, care, patience, planning, and expertise- a commitment that Dr. Patel makes to every single patient.

The human body is capable of self-regulation and self-healing, but it’s important to understand that every body is different. Dr. Shounuck Patel uses the most advanced regenerative treatments that are customized for each individual patient’s specific condition to encourage the body to improve and heal using its own natural biology.

Entrepreneur, pro-skateboarder, and star of MTV’s Ridiculousness, Rob Dyrdek had this to say about Dr. Patel’s revolutionary methods:

“I reached out to Dr. Patel to help me with a bone spur and when I had my first meeting with him he said do you have pain in your right glute? And I did. Immediately we started this journey to rebuild my function. Dr. Patel provides the expertise, knowledge, and ultimately a level of thinking about the body’s functionality that’s beyond anything else. For me I always recommend people to be treated by him.”

Functional Orthopedic Medicine is helping people recover from debilitating injuries without risky, costly, and unnecessary surgical procedures.

About Dr. Shounuck I. Patel, DO

Dr. Shounuck Patel is double board-certified in Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as fellowship-trained in interventional pain management. He focuses his clinical practice on the use of exercise, nutrition, Osteopathic manipulation, and natural therapies such as cell therapy for the treatment of orthopedic injuries and pain conditions.

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