Justina Peterson: Advocating for Women’s Success Through Groundbreaking Life Coaching

August 28 01:36 2021
Justina Peterson: Advocating for Women’s Success Through Groundbreaking Life Coaching

Not too long ago, females were treated as second-class citizens; they experienced blatant discrimination and were overlooked by society. Fortunately, all of that has drastically improved since the rise of the feminist movement. However, the women empowerment campaign still has a long way to go, which is why many brave individuals continue to champion this cause, including Justina Peterson.

She is a self-proclaimed cheerleader for women who graduated from The State University of New York, more commonly known as the University at Albany and earned her certification from the prestigious International Coaching Federation. The incredible visionary aims to shift women’s self-perception and support them in becoming the purposeful and successful people they were created to be. 

To fulfill this goal, she has built several ventures designed to help ladies from all walks of life take charge of their future. She has founded the Will PowHer Tribe and is also the CEO of Justina Peterson & Associates, a teaching firm that coaches people to become the best version of themselves.

Justina Peterson has helped countless women achieve immense success through these outstanding enterprises by focusing on shifting mindset, accountability, responsibility, and self-care. She continues to grow her advocacy, and many clients reach out to the remarkable woman to ask for her expert opinion and guidance. 

When asked what motivated her to build her brand, the inspiring individual shared without hesitation, “The need to show women that freedom exists and we don’t have to be held in bondage or be slaves or captives to what happened. It happened, but now it’s time to let go and grow.”

What sets her apart from the competition is her indomitable spirit. She used to be in a losing season filled with struggles and setbacks for more than 20 years. Yet, despite all that, she persevered and persisted. Because of her great sense of self-worth and exceptional optimism, she eventually turned her life around and overcame her undesirable situation. 

Experience is undoubtedly the best teacher. Having gone through a rough patch herself has allowed Justina Peterson to better connect with her others. Her ability to genuinely empathize with clients is one of the many reasons she has become a sought-after life coach for many women. 

Aside from mentoring, the seasoned coach is also a prolific writer. She has authored the stirring autobiography Not In My Own Strength: A Memoir By Justina Peterson, which chronicles her story of abuse and betrayal and her awe-inspiring journey to healing and transformation.

Additionally, she co-wrote Rising Above Sexual Abuse, a piece that talks about how people who have been abused exceptionally rose above their circumstances and turned their trauma into resilience.

Undoubtedly, Justina Peterson has established a respected reputation as an advocate of women. In the future, she sees herself opening multiple firm locations and housing programs. But, more importantly, she hopes that by expanding her reach, she can aid and assist more women and continue her noble cause.

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