Noreen N. Henry’s Visionary Book ‘Stuck Is NOT Your Story’: A Collection of Overcoming Stories

August 27 19:42 2021
“Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Change IS Possible” is a global movement of stories shared by compatible co-authors who overcame life’s many rough patches to show that individuals are not alone and life is always welcoming towards a positive change.

New York, USA – 27th August, 2021 – Feeling stuck in a rut is a part of life individuals might feel their lives getting mundane by the minute. It is not uncommon to go through the motions, feeling like everything is repeating itself in circles, where life seems to lose its meaning, and everything starts to feel less enthralling. Individuals in these scenarios find themselves stagnated instead of working towards their ambitions.

These feelings and rough patches are undoubtedly frustrating but, there is always a chance to bring change and turn your life around to get driven and eager again. Breaking the cycle of mediocrity and mundanity is what brought the visionary leader Noreen N. Henry and her fellow co-authors help people unravel the long-awaited change, and transform their lives from defeat to victory through a globally acclaimed collaborative project: Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Change Is Possible!

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Noreen N. Henry is a far-sighted leader, considered one of the finest, and victorious living strategists. She is widely known for her knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of life that produced instantaneous results for many. Her profound knowledge of catering to complicated circumstances in life and rising back against all odds fueled her passion for transforming lives from defeat to victory.

She is a powerful coach, an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, author, and health educator. Noreen believes in change and strives to encourage and inspire people to overcome their problems and heal in a better way. Noreen has experienced many trials and tribulations in her life that could have kept her stuck, but she learned the tools to be victorious and overcome defeat in her circumstances. She had developed the appropriate mindset that helped her have joy and happiness and stay in peace amid chaos while working through her issues. As a result, Noreen became the Founder and Owner of Victorious Living Culture. 

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Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Change IS Possible is among her many milestones. This collaboration, a global movement of stories shared by like-minded co-authors who overcame brokenness, mediocrity, and stagnancy to show people that they are not alone and there is always a possibility to bring forth a positive approach and change in their lives. She is the vision behind the project Stuck is NOT Your Story: Change Is Possible, along with a group of amazing co-authors including:

Ann Kathryn Mushendwa
“Blossoming Into My New Beginning”

Brenda Cox Harkins

Harriett Constant
Tarver “Willing To Die For Love”

Janice Freeman
“Is It Worth The Ring?”

Dr. JoWanda Rollins-Fells
“The Real Talk That Saves”

Kimberly Fallis
“From Stuck To Level Up”

Philicia Jefferson, Ph.D.
“He Breathed On Me”

Tayze Y. Early
“My Pain His Purpose”

This collaboration is a collection of stories of women who have efficiently maneuvered their way through misfortune, anguish, and loss to become powerful overcomers that are paramount change agents. “Stuck Is NOT Your Story because there is always hope to live victoriously, and I believe there is a right time for everything,” says Noreen as she shares her story, among many to inspire and encourage individuals to break free from whatever is holding them back and keeping them stuck. 

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