EB Kicks Proves that Versatile and Quality Shoe Cleaning Products Come at an Affordable Price

July 09 00:15 2021
Breathing new life into shoes and other accessories does not have to come at an exorbitant price.

A good pair of shoes or sneakers getting sullied, particularly a highly collectible one, is perhaps a sneaker head’s worse nightmare. Fortunately, there is a way to restore worn and dirty shoes and sneakers without breaking the bank.

EB Kicks offers quality shoe cleaners for people who are on the lookout for the most effective products out in the market at affordable prices. They offer Cleaner and Conditioner Kits and Sneaker Care Kits. They also sell premium sponges and standard shoe cleaning brushes.

At only $19.95, the Cleaner and Conditioner Kit comes with an 8-ounce sneaker solution, a standard brush to scrub out dirt build-up, and a premium sponge to clean soft materials.

The Sneaker Care Kit gives shoe enthusiasts the best value for their money. For just $39.95, individuals will get two 8-ounce bottles of their Cleaner and Conditioner solution, one bottle of the Quick Touch White touch-up formula, a standard brush, and two premium sponges. This kit is ideal for people who are looking for a product that can make their sneakers look brand new.

EB Kicks’ Cleaner and Conditioner Kits can clean up to about 60 pairs of shoes, while their Sneaker Care Kit can clean up to around 100 pairs, really giving customers their money’s worth and ensuring that shoes stay protected and maintain their value for longer.

EB Kicks’ Cleaner and Conditioner does not just clean and protect shoes and sneakers. The solution is versatile enough to be used to breathe new life into bags, luggage, belts, and hats. The 100% biodegradable solution is proven to be effective and safe to use on a wide variety of materials including leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, mesh, cotton, and more, giving customers a bang for their buck.

Customers who want to ensure that they follow the proper techniques of shoe cleaning using EB Kicks’ cleaning solution can check out founder Classic Kenny’s YouTube and other social media accounts. EB Kicks Cleaner and Conditioner Kits and Sneaker Care Kits is also the brand of choice among TikTok influencers like The Showlorios who showcase just how effective the products are in cleaning and restoring shoes and sneakers. Customers are also encouraged to collaborate by showcasing side-by-side photos of their shoes before and after using EB Kicks’ cleaning products.

EB Kicks backs up combines their premium products with top-notch customer service. Customers can expect quick response time and broad product knowledge to make their experience a highly positive one, making the brand a rising star in the wholesale scene.

To browse, shop, and learn more about EB Kicks shoe cleaning products, visit https://www.ebkicks.com.

About EB Kicks

Beginning as a husband-and-wife team that wanted to create the best shoe cleaner on the market, EB Kicks has built a community surrounding a brand. EB Kicks Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner isn’t just a premium quality product, it’s also equally versatile. The company’s products are 100% biodegradable. It’s one of the most affordable cleaners on the market. Dynamic customer service, fast response time, and a wealth of product knowledge work together to make EB Kicks a burgeoning powerhouse in wholesale development.

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