Skindinavia’s Top Summer Makeup Tips for Enjoying the Sun without Dreading the Heat

July 07 21:24 2021
Setting sprays can save your makeup this summer.

Summer is here – bringing with it waves of sweltering heat. For healthy skin and bodies, individuals should spend 5-15 minutes a day in the sun to gain the benefits of Vitamin D – a vitamin responsible for boosting the immune system and strengthening bones.

Skindinavia shares top summer makeup tips for enjoying the sun without fearing melting makeup.

Prep the Skin Before Adding Makeup

Healthy summer skin care begins with proper hydration. Skin is responsible for cooling the body and keeping out harmful toxins. When skin grows dry, it cannot perform to its full potential. Dry skin is also more prone to releasing sweat in hot weather.

Sunscreen is essential to any summer makeup routine because of the protective layer it gives skin exposed to the sun. Some products even include sunscreen with moisturizer to combine both steps in the skincare routine. Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50 for the most effective protection against UVB rays.

Using makeup primer before adding makeup helps the products stay in place. Skindinavia primers cool the skin using a formula backed by patented science. This cooling layer not only holds the makeup in place but also minimizes sweat.

Stay Cool with Lightweight Makeup and Setting Spray

A light layer of makeup allows the skin to breathe – even in the hottest weather. Lightweight creams that glisten with sweat are better than heavy powders that cake when in contact with water. Lipglosses and stains are lighter than thick lipsticks. Each product should be waterproof, so it will stay in place when exposed to sweat and water.

A high-quality setting spray will keep any finished face of makeup from running. Skindinavia’s setting sprays hold makeup over 16 hours. The same cooling formula in Skindinavia’s primer is also in their setting sprays, adding another layer of protection against sweat. Their setting sprays can hold makeup in place anywhere from a hot backyard barbecue to a dip in the pool.

Skindinavia partners with leading cosmetic brands like Urban Decay, Mary Kay, and Limelife to create high-quality products that keep makeup safe in the heat. For each Skindinavia produces a product that combines quality with functionality – like Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray. Skindinavia – like many other cosmetic brands – is proud to manufacture products that are free of animal testing and only use vegan ingredients.

Clear All Skin Before Ending the Day

After a fun day in the sun, remove all makeup to clear away bacteria and impurities. Skindinavia’s eco-friendly makeup remover spray clears the skin without wasting wipes. A makeup-free face can breathe overnight – giving it a healthier glow in the morning for another day out and about. Each day can be free from running and melted makeup by following these summer makeup tips from Skindinavia.

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