The Legendary Jewelry Designer and a Home Shopping TV Celebrity, Victoria Wieck Helps Turn Passion into a Dream Business

July 07 19:39 2021
Esteemed jewelry designer continues her legacy by telling inspiring stories through imaginative art pieces and literary works.

At some point in people’s lives, they get to know their dreams and passions where they can put their efforts into. One of the most glaring barriers to pursuing them is the pressure to adhere to what is practical or to the in-demand jobs at a certain time. Many have let go of their passion in pursuit of greener pastures. While that is not entirely a bad decision, it would’ve been great to still have the full liberty and opportunity to live the life one has chosen for themselves.

World-renowned jewelry designer Victoria Wieck is a living testimony that pursuing one’s passion will never be too late no matter the circumstances and how impossible it may be. Perhaps, destiny is indeed real.

Victoria came from a peaceful coastal village in South Korea where she had to let go of being together with her family when they moved to America in search of better opportunities. She has always liked the arts ever since she was little. However, her parents urged her to consider taking up a business course instead of literature or art in college. They felt that it would give her greater job security. As an obedient daughter, she followed their wishes and eventually worked at a jewelry manufacturing company in Los Angeles. Little did she know that it was actually the restart of her burning love for the arts–she was able to use her artistic talents. Soon after, she formed her own company in 1989, which many people today know as the Victoria Wieck Collection. Victoria has shared her design inspirations on HSN from 1998 to 2017, and is currently on ShopHQ (

“Your dream life could be a lot more achievable than you thought,” she said. A lot of people could be sitting on a million-dollar hobby. According to recent surveys, 3 in 5 Americans want to become their own boss, and millions have already started a side hustle to inch closer to their dream life. Victoria Wieck did just that. She went from a penniless immigrant to generating over $500 million in retail sales by unleashing her passion for jewelry design.

Today, Victoria made another milestone as she released her first novel called Shattered Sky. The novel is a science fiction/young adult thriller which she wrote when she’s not on TV with her latest collections. She also recently began writing a “how-to” book with the working title “Million Dollar Passion, How to Turn Your Idea into a Multi-million Dollar Business, “Living the American Dream Your Way: How to Turn Your American Dream into Reality.” Victoria is also the creator and the host of the popular podcast, Million Dollar Hobbies available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, I heart Radio, and Amazon Audio. There’s certainly so much to learn from an industry veteran who has been designing high-quality, timeless jewelry inspired by her heritage.

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About Victoria Wieck Collection

This company is run by Victoria Wieck who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Now an established jewelry icon, Victoria has become known for her elegant, glamorous, and imaginative designs, with every piece telling a story. She designs high-end couture jewelry with Eastern and Western inspirations.

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