#donateknowledge To Help A Youth Realize Their Dreams

July 07 12:00 2021
The first millennial & gen-z run hypeOrg dedicated to representing the under-represented innovators of future generations

One of the major problems that young people face is their inability to be certain of what the future holds for them. Of course, everyone has a dream, the dream of what they would like to become in the future, but then life does not always give us what we want. This gap that exists between dreams and reality is what makes many youths vulnerable to the uncertainty that easily derails their train of success.

The desire to bridge this gap is what gave birth to Operation: ADULTING™, North America’s first Millennial and Gen-Z run hypeOrg assisting and guiding diverse, underrepresented, and marginalized STEAM-focused high school and college-aged students, created and run by Martina Iwala. Operation: ADULTING™ is the first-of-its-kind millennial and gen-z run hypeOrg created to bridge the gap of financial knowledge while providing a more solid foundation for future innovators. Our goal is to connect our students with several tech companies to expose them to “A Day in the Life” where our students would shadow someone in their career path. We connect with millennial, gen z, gen y, and beyond, leaders who are willing to share their “rookie mistakes” so these budding adults can make better-informed decisions about their futures because they are making life-long decisions based on little life experience if any.

Martina lwala and her team at Operation: ADULTING™ have continued in their pursuit of representing the under-represented innovators of future generations with the launch of the #donateknowledge Campaign. The goal of the #donateknowledge campaign is to bring together all sides of the divide, allowing the relatively younger generation to learn from seemingly older folks while sharing their wealth of knowledge with one another. The initiative resonates with the goal of Operation: ADULTING™ to help develop responsible adults and guide youths as they embark on their journey into adulthood.

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way of life of millions of people across the globe, thanks to its emergent solutions. In a related development, several tech-based platforms have been created to help millennials, in particular, to contribute to shaping their future. Unfortunately, many of such initiatives have not been particularly comprehensive and inclusive enough to allow for the contribution of youth, especially considering their impact in the digital era. However, Martina lwala looks set to change this narrative, as substantiated with the recently launched #donateknowledge by Operation: ADULTING™. Our priority focus in this campaign is young adults of African descent, and as such, during the campaign, we would have students post a photo of themselves with questions they would like answered by people who have successfully #adulted.

Martina lwala, the founder of Operation: ADULTING™, is a vibrant youth of Nigerian and Cameroonian descent, with a diverse background from FinCore to entertainment to media production, and social advocacy. She will be looking to leverage her expertise and experience to get the best from the #donateknowledge campaign.

For more information on how Operation: ADULTINGTM is impacting young people, kindly reach out to us on +1 (929) 557-6983, or email us at [email protected]. You can also visit us at www.Operation-Adulting.org.



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