Michelle Emmick Redefines Beauty Standards with Expertise on Cosmetic Surgery

July 07 05:04 2021
Michelle Emmick Redefines Beauty Standards with Expertise on Cosmetic Surgery

The beauty industry is an immense enterprise, and there is a lot of conflicting, unverified information at all levels—from beauty products and wellness practices all the way to cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, there are people like Michelle Emmick who take on the task of filtering out the noise and presenting a simplified learning experience for all interested parties.

Michelle Emmick, known in the aesthetics industry as The Plastic Surgery Coach, is the CEO and Co-Founder of MyCoachMD, a platform that gives virtual cosmetic support and education. She is also a captivating author, with a number one bestseller on Amazon.

With two decades of experience, Michelle has established herself as a beauty education connoisseur, bringing a vast reservoir of knowledge and support to the aesthetics field. She has worked with weight loss and medical spa brands, private practice physicians, cosmetic startups, and National Plastic Surgery associations. The 48-year-old CEO has forged a venerable reputation, training thousands of medical and support staff and performing more than 10,000 consultations to help patients fulfill their exquisite goals and feel their best.

In 2017, Michelle co-founded MyCoachMD to bridge the information gap between would-be consumers and professionals in the industry. Through MyCoachMD, she sought to provide vital education and support from a trusted industry insider to anyone thinking about stepping through the doors of any aesthetic practice.

“I have had a front-row seat to see and know for certain what works and what does not. Every single experience has brought me to where I am today, so I can share those best practices to elevate the consumer experience, avoid the common pitfalls, and allow for true business growth.”

Leveraging their varying background and network assembled over the years, Michelle and her fellow co-founders work closely with practices all over the country, laying the groundwork via virtual consultation and setting the potential patient up for a successful meeting with certified doctors in their locality. Although MyCoachMD consistently works to ensure the best patient experiences, it leaves the premise of medical advice to medical professionals.

“We don’t provide medical advice; we leave that to the experts—the doctors.”

Throughout the years, Michelle has abided by the belief that it is all about the patient and their experience. As a result, she ensures all consulted experts are thoroughly vetted and possess frontline experience in the industry to create a safe space for every client.

Continuing in her mission to guide others on their journey to discover their uniqueness and to be comfortable in their own skin, Michelle released her book, Blue-Collar Beauty, Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Coach, in literary defiance to the idea of modern-day beauty standards. Within its pages, she challenges the ridiculous standards of distorted beauty prevalent in society and focuses instead on true essence and the celebration of individuality.

Presently, Michelle will be adding the title of Editor in Chief to her repertoire after launching a digital magazine, Ask Us Beauty, which is focused on all things beauty and wellness for women. Its quest is to empower women to redefine beauty on their own terms and provide authentic information from real industry specialists. The maiden issue of Ask Us Beauty is scheduled for release in August 2021.

Away from the walls and corridors of the beauty industry, Michelle is committed to giving back to society and dedicates a portion of her business revenue in support of both local and national charities.

To learn more about Michelle Emmick, visit her Instagramor the official website.

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