Leading like a Crew of the Starship Enterprise through Starfleet Leadership Academy

July 07 02:52 2021
Developing leadership skills through a podcast inspired by Star Trek.

It has been decades since the world was first introduced to the amazing world of Star Trek. Since its premiere on television in 1966, fans and enthusiasts witnessed how Captain Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the crew at the Starship Enterprise discovered strange new worlds and went after places unknown to many. But if there’s one thing that remained with its viewers, it’s the diversity of perspectives of its crew captains and members especially on leadership.

Who will not forget how Captain Sisko encouraged the crew to stand ground and face the challenges they are facing head on and how Captain Janeway, one of the show’s female captains reminded her people to never abandon a member? These and more are just among the many progressive and inspiring learnings about leadership that can be absorbed from the show.

Because of the fame and many great examples of leadership in Star Trek, Jeff Akin produced Starfleet Leadership Academy, a one of a kind leadership development podcast told through the lens of the hit show. Jeff Akin is a leader with over 20 years of experience in executive management in both public and private sectors. He takes inspiration from episodes of Star Trek to impart knowledge and tips on leadership, management, communication, and more.

This podcast is especially made for those who are keen towards leadership development, whether they are avid fans of Star Trek or just simply curious about how the show can be influential in the aspect of team management and leadership. Currently, the podcast has released over 20 episodes that tackles various episodes from the different franchises of Star Trek, from the Original Series, to Discovery. The podcast is readily available on all platforms imaginable, Overcast, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

For more food for thought, Starfleet Leadership Academy also has blog posts on their website that eager fans and learners can read about. Starfleet Leadership Academy is not just about Star Trek, it is not exactly a fandom platform, but it is a platform that opens the possibilities for people to gain insights and learn about leadership as inspired by the stories told and characters portrayed in the show.

As Spock always says, “Live long and prosper”. Listen to Starfleet Leadership Academy and realize the best qualities of a great leader. To know more about the podcast and to read some of their blog posts, visit https://jeffakin.com/.

About Starfleet Leadership Academy

Starfleet Leadership Academy is a leadership development podcast told through the lens of Star Trek. It is hosted by Jeff Akin, pro wrestling TV broadcaster turned executive leader.

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