Fundacion Amen Comunicaciones advisers and facilitators for a social entrepreneurship campaign to Support Families and Individuals Affected by COVID-19 in Colombia

July 06 16:56 2021
The “You Deserve What You Dream” campaign aims to train individuals and families in the creation of solidarity economies, which allow them to recover from the disastrous economic situation left by the covid 19 pandemic

All over the world, the impact of COVID-19 is felt across the board in all industries, organizations, and societies. In Colombia, the rate of persons who have suffered varying levels of poverty is rising. According to a survey carried out by the Innovations for Poverty Action, families have cut down on their daily food consumption, with many going to bed hungry and unable to afford three square meals.

Even as entire economies and families have faded into the silence of poverty, there are still people and groups who support those in need and try to empower as many who have been affected by the pandemic. One of such well-meaning individuals and groups is Father “padre Carlos Yepes” and his Fundacion Amen Comunicaciones. Through the “You Deserve What You Dream” campaign, Father “padre Carlos Yepes” and the Fundacion Amen Comunicaciones they would be generating a new consciousness based on a “society of love”.

The “You Deserve What You Dream” campaign has been divided into two phases. The first phase that begins in August, aims to recruit volunteers who want to contribute their knowledge as advisers and facilitators for the creation of a ” think tank” of love.

The fist phase would be creating an online entrepreneurship school, where the same people affected by the pandemic who have lost their jobs or due to age are out of the labor market, receive from advisers and motivators the necessary tools to start new businesses.

As part of the appreciation for persons willing to support the good course of empowering families in Columbia by donating at least a pound of food, the Fundacion Amen Comunicaciones will be giving out books by Father “padre Carlos Yepes” for free.

Father Carlos and the Fundacion Amen Comunicaciones are also calling on business executives, strategy advisors, and entrepreneurs who will love to participate in the campaign and empower people through the online entrepreneurship school slated as the second phase of the “You Deserve What You Dream” campaign.

For more information about the “You Deserve What You Dream” campaign and to be a part of the campaign by donating food items or supporting the entrepreneurship class, please visit

About Father Carlos Yepes

Carlos Arturo Yepes Vargas, better known as Father Carlos Yepes, was born in Medellin, Colombia, on June 27, 1964. He is a Catholic priest, audiovisual producer, writer, and musician. Yepes is also recognized as one of the important Latin American influencers, followed by more than 3 million people and one of the 15 Catholic priests most followed by networks worldwide.

Carlos Yepes is a relevant media figure in Colombia known mainly for his work as a producer and moderator of television content. In addition, he is the founder of the foundation for disseminating Catholic content “Fundación Amen Comunicaciones.”

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