Discover a Rare uncatalogued Vincent Van Gogh Painting. Possibly.

July 06 16:22 2021

There are likely dozens of unauthenticated Van Gogh paintings scattered around the globe yet to be found, or at least determined as genuine. We know from past discoveries that Vincent’s work has turned up in someone’s attic or basement, and now a website has just launched querying a decision made by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam regarding authentication. The museum, who is the only authority to conclude whether or not a Van Gogh is in fact, a Van Gogh, determined that the painting in question cannot be attributed to Vincent van Gogh based on “stylistic features”. 

A series of photographs referencing the painting in question, along with stark comparisons to Vincent’s work were emailed to the research department in early 2020.

Researchers at the Van Gogh Museum have been wrong before, and the painting in question has never undergone the scientific tests needed to truly identify a decisive ruling. There are substantial costs involved with regards to researching a painting, and in view of this, a donation button has been set up on the website. A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help with the authentication process and possible restoration.

The painting has suffered extensive damage throughout the years, as had several of Van Gogh’s paintings, and if indeed this is the work of the Dutch post-impressionist, then cleaning and restoration is of paramount importance. Surely the art world owes this to the man who lived a life of personal torment in order to bring us sunflowers.

The website, invites art historians, conservationists, galleries, museums, and art lovers alike who might offer some additional insight into the painting.

For more information regarding the painting in question, visit where you can compare in depth comparisons such as brush strokes, provenance and more.

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