ANIL UZUN Sets off on a Turkey Tour on a Solar-Powered Bike to Raise Awareness on Upcoming Drought

July 05 22:21 2021
ANIL UZUN will set off on tour on a solar bike in August to raise awareness on the danger of drought driven by climate change in Anatolia.

ANIL UZUN is a long-time traveller and a climate warrior that has been travelling around the world for so many years. He will take a tour on a solar bike in his home country, and the journey will begin on August 1.

“I am taking a cycling tour on my self-constructed solar-powered bicycle,” says ANIL UZUN. “I am going to kick off in Istanbul on August 1. My objective is to raise awareness of the need to take action for a sustainable future. I call it the Solar Trip in Anatolia. I aim to stay on the bike for three months. My route will be Istanbul-Ankara-Diyarbakır-Antalya-Izmir and finishing back in Istanbul. My friends will accompany me in some parts of my route, and there will be five activists to tour in total,” he continues.

“We need sustainable mobility. I take the tour with an ecological principle. I have solar energy with me, and that is everything I need. I plan my journey to be an example for the future of sustainable mobility,” says ANIL UZUN.


ANIL UZUN is a travel enthusiast, and what he loves the most is to travel with his loved ones. In short, he loves to make the most out of life. ANIL UZUN started traveling when he was very young. In 2007, he began to take notes of his trips and created a travel journal. He has been traveling all around the world for about 13 years.

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