Romy Ram: 15 Years Of Musical Journey

July 05 20:21 2021

Since his debut in 2006, Romy Ram has taken firm steps in his career as an artist, placing himself among the best rappers with Christian content in Latin America, being considered one of the most prominent writers and composers of the last decade. His first solo album “Rompiendo El Silencio” was positioned in popular taste, with which he produced his first successful concert tour that covered everything throughout the country and for which he still maintains a place of respect and renown internationally.

“Rompiendo el Silencio” nominated as album of the year at “Premios El Galardon”, undoubtedly marked an era, due to its diversity of rhythms, sounds and fusions, where rap, jazz, bosa nova, twist were mixed, among others, in which More than 10 musicians of national and international renown participated, among which we can highlight the Master Federico Méndez (Guitars) Albertco Campuzano (Guitars) (Ernesto Nuñez) Trumpets Otoniel Nicolas (Percussion) Josias Mateo (Bass). 

With 15 years of musical career Romy Ram maintains its essence and continues to leave a well-marked mark in Christian art and music, has made countless musical collaborations with artists such as Redimi2, Henry G, Tercer Cielo, Ariel Kelly, Rubinksy , Johan Paulino, among others, has been a composer and writer for artists such as La Discipula, Sarah La Propeta and is cataloged as one of the most influential and original Rap writers and composers of Latin Christian rap.


At the beginning of 2010 Romy Ram surprises his fans with the song “En Cámara Lenta” with a totally different and somewhat risky style, we listen to a Romy with a more adult air, making use of melodies and with a more defined musical style , mixing contemporary rock, pop rock and without leaving rap aside. 

With this album, Romy Ram consolidates himself among the most important Christian rappers on the Christian scene, whose launch took place at Hard Rock Café Santo Domingo, being to date the only Christian Rapper to launch a record at the prestigious Temple of Rock.

Guinness record

In 2018 Romy Ram received recognition from the prestigious Guinness Book of feats for his important participation as director of style and composition in the feat of his colleague Henry G El Decano, rapper and composer, who broke the record “Longest Song Officially Released”, With the song “El Manifesto “with a duration of 3 hours and 26 minutes, with more than 60 verses of high literary and interpretive level.

The song is being considered as a candidate to additionally beat the records for the song with the highest number of words and the longest rap, in addition to the first sung audiobook.

His achievements include that his song Gotas has exceeded one million 300 thousand reproductions only on Spotify, his participation in the song “Violencia” with Ariel Kelly and Henry G, was used in the popular Netflix series “La ungobernable” in addition to the Hollywood super production “We Die Young” starring the famous American actor Jean-Claude Van Dame.

Currently Romy Ram is ready to launch his new studio album entitled “Radiografia” which has 10 songs, which according to the artist are the most personal and intimate songs he had ever released where he tells us about his childhood, his shortcomings, love life, mistakes and his journey on the road of life.

From this new album there are 3 singles released in 2020 titled (12:30) (Con el Bolsillo Roto) and (Soy un Tonto).

Rodolfo Abreu Moreno, first name of the artist born in a humble neighborhood of Santo Domingo, is preparing to receive from the Dominican Association of Christian Communicators (ADOCOC) and the El Galardón Awards the recognition of the “Artistic Career” for his 15 years of uninterrupted career and for his contributions in favor of art and culture.

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