Stephen O’Dwyer Launches Relieving That Pain Online Courses to Help Relieve “Unexplained” Pain

July 05 12:27 2021
O’Dwyer offers self-paced online courses with detailed instruction and actionable strategies, exercises and techniques for achieving lasting pain relief.

Stephen O’Dwyer, owner of Neuromuscular Therapy of Vermont, has founded Relieving That Pain Online Courses, a learning platform dedicated to individuals seeking help with pain for which the diagnosis has been vague or inconclusive.

Drawing on 30 years of clinical practice helping thousands of individuals gain relief for chronic pain, O’Dwyer has developed a complete methodology for identifying and resolving mysterious and stubborn pain symptoms. This methodology is at the heart of his online course work.

The self-paced courses empower individuals with careful instruction and proprietary techniques for relieving back pain, hip and leg pain, neck and shoulder pain and much more.

O’Dwyer specializes in resolving the problems caused by postural distortion and musculoskeletal dysfunction that cannot be diagnosed with standard tests such as X-rays, MRIs or CAT Scans.

He also specializes in resolving lesser known problems such as Iliopsoas Syndrome, Pelvic Torsion and Paradoxical Breathing.

With the excessive overuse of painkillers, an epidemic of pain that cannot be explained using standard tests, and the high incidence of unsuccessful surgeries, the need for better health education is undeniable. For three decades O’Dwyer has been providing exactly this type of education and guidance in a clinical setting. Now, with these online courses, his work is much more widely available.

Users report that O’Dwyer’s video courses are well-organized, easy to follow, and highly effective. Learn more at

About Stephen O’Dwyer, CNMT

Stephen O’Dwyer, Neuromuscular Therapist and Pain Relief Researcher, has been helping individuals achieve significant and often permanent relief for chronic, stubborn and “unexplained” pain for over 30 years.

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