The femail diary, campaigning for women rights

July 03 01:57 2021
The femail diary, campaigning for women rights
The femail diary is a platform on Instagram that was created by human rights activist and model Merhan Keller and human rights activist/ writer and life coach Rehab Fayed. The purpose Of creating the platform was initially to create a safe space for women to share their stories, experiences, seek knowledge or even ask for legal aid and therapy for free. The platform also offers business classes for women to help them become independent financially. Recently, the femail diary started Campaigning for two Egyptian influencers jailed in Egypt over innocent Tik Tok videos. The case received international condemnation and is considered by many human rights activists around the world as a severe violation of women rights. Founder Merhan Keller started a campaign to encourage women to speak up and demand for the laws to be amended in order to protect women from the same fate. “We have witnessed a lot of positive changes when it comes to the Laws in Egypt specifically the ones related to physical harassment and we would love to see more of this happening as the feminist movement getting stronger every day,“ Keller said. 
Rehab Fayed believes that educating women about their rights, their bodies and the law is crucial in order to give women back their power.
”Women have learned how to bend and shrink to fit into boxes of conditioning and expectations which has limited their potential.” Says Fayed. “Women struggle with using their voice and feeling empowered because of the fear of not belonging or feeling ostracized. Offering a safe space that is free of judgement and labeling gives the opportunity for women to be vulnerable and authentic and that’s how they will rise and elevate within the community.
The campaign caught the attention of several celebrities and human rights activists who shared the posts and supported the campaign. 
“I have faith in people and that our voices will be heard,” says Keller. “We need to understand that there is a vast generational gap and social media is very under discovered especially in court in Egypt, and this is precisley why we must revisit many of our laws and amend them according to the present day economy,” Merhan Keller
Both Rehab Fayed and Merhan Keller believe in practical activism where women feel supported on the ground and beyond social media solidarity posts. 
“Rehab takes the lead when it comes to training and coaching. We have seen a lot of lives changing to the better and it is the most rewarding heart warming feeling in the world to see women coming together in solidarity and rising up to reach their potential,“ Merhan Keller
The femail diary gathered a lot of followers on instagram in just three days @thefemaildiary and that encouraged the founders to launch their website where classes are offered for free including virtual self defense classes. 
As for gen Z involvement, Merhan Keller and Rehab Fayed made it clear that their presence among the team is crucial and this is why The Femail Diary’s admins are gen z activists. 
Our team has grown by two wonderful members, Esraa Wagih and Basmalah Elbeblawy. They are two great examples of gen z activists who are talented and have a passion to help other women. Together we are more aware and in touch with the different segments of the society.
“We want our platform to be a safe space for everyone and will continue encouraging women to reach out, speak and heal from past traumas that have been hindering our growth for so long,” Fayed said. 
To get in touch with The Femail Diary, you can find them on Instagram: @thefemaildiary, or through their website:

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