Money counter machines increase employees’ efficiency

July 02 19:42 2021
Nowadays, cash management is one of the concerns of senior management across global retail companies. Cash transactions should be dealt with properly, both by the individual stores and by the store chain itself. It is when counter machines help the employee become more efficient with the cash management process.

money counter machine is a machine that counts money — either stacks of banknotes of different denominations or loose collections of coins. 

Cash transactions require cash change, so one has to make sure the registers have appropriate bills for all transactions, larger or smaller. Money counter machines cut down the necessary time for this process while also improving count accuracy. The process is complete within a fraction of the time used by the employees, which means the counter machines increase the overall work efficiency.

There are many sorts of counter machines: coin-sorting, coin-counting, banknote and coin counting, banknote only counting, etc. Most of the counting machines are simple to operate, portable, and require little or no training. All in all, modern money counter machines can reduce the men-hours spent counting, human errors, and even detect counterfeit bills.

Which businesses could benefit from money counting machines

Automation is a necessity in the nowadays highly competitive retail market.

Any business which deals with cash daily could save time and money by using money counter machines. That is one of the reasons why cash management technology is the best choice when it comes to keeping their business competitive. 

But, besides the money counting function, some machines come with the counterfeit detection feature. This is important when thinking about all the fake money already in circulation.

For example, cutting-edge money counter machines like DETECK Edge DT800 come with contact image sensors. It’s not only a counterfeit detection method, it is more like a bill recognition feature. All dollars printed by the federal reserve contain a ten-digit or an eleven-digit serial number to make each bill unique. The small flatbed sensor takes the form of a scanner and reads the serial numbers and denominations of the bills. After the count, the detailed list of all the scanned serial numbers and a breakdown by denomination can be viewed and printed. 

This reliable machine counting machine delivers rapid, error-free sorting and valuation results that save time and effort with the cash flow. Cash management devices have a good return of investment (ROI) noticeable in just a few months.

Customers in financial, cash-in-transit, gaming, retail, vending, law enforcement, and other organizations rely on practical solutions for counting money to help them work more efficiently, eliminate errors, and spend less time on repetitive tasks. The cash handling process is simplified and streamlined by using a counter machine. 

Also, such a machine gives the employees more time to focus on customer satisfaction than on repetitive processes.

Most money counting machines often have a list of features, including a variety of counting modes. These include the ability to:

–  Identify and count mixed denominations
–  Tally specific denominations
–  Stop and remove suspect bills
–  Count the total number of bills
–  Handle bills in any condition, even if limp or folded. 

How to add automation to their cash management process

Deteck offers an unprecedented range of resources to help global customers become more progressive, efficient, and profitable.

Deteck USA takes a long-term view of their business relationships with their clients—not a short-term opportunistic view.

Each business or corporation has its specific needs. But almost anyone who deals in currency counting, sorting, and authenticity will agree that these tasks are accomplished better by money counter machines. Varying levels of counterfeit detection capability are available depending on the type of machine chosen.  

Counterfeit detection is available at all price points, too. Mixed denomination detection is extremely useful as well. 

Customer satisfaction is obtained by providing exceptional quality and support. Good products are made to protect clients from the latest counterfeiting threats while enabling them to improve the efficiency of their back office. This way, the counter machines can alleviate the burden caused by human error. Such products provide the clients with a cutting-edge line of defense of their assets while providing efficiency for the whole money management process.

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