LaunchX Establishes Decentralized IDO Platform with Newly Launched Website

July 02 17:16 2021
LaunchX is a decentralized IDO launchpad platform that currently supports Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot and Solana, and provides support for multi-chain IDOs. The built-in KYC/AML tools enable launches to be safe and transparent.

LaunchX is pleased to announce that the company has launched its new website, which focuses on a launchpad platform, a multi-chain decentralized IDO platform. LaunchX is backed by partners such as Vendetta Capital, Raptor Capital and Marshland Capital. A $600K private funding round has been successfully completed, with a supporting cast of well-respected VCs, including Vendetta Capital, DWeb3, x21 Digital, AU21 Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, Raptor Capital, Grenblock Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Ascensive Assets and Moonrock Capital. The customers who are most helped by the website are blockchain startups who want to launch their projects using a platform. 

The platform is based on the Smart Chain design from Binance, with complete cross-chain integration to facilitate Ethereum tools and Dapps. These tools allow projects constructed for Ethereum to be readily ported to BSC and thus gain exposure to a more targeted audience. A spokesperson for the new platform explained,  “Launch X is a Launchpad platform that is unlike any other with a unique functionality and governance model not previously seen in the multi-chain industry. The platform allows you to launch your token on a single blockchain or multiple different blockchains concurrently.”

Additional features can be reviewed at

The cross-chain business-to-business ecosystem provides startups with the flexibility to raise capital and do so in a decentralized process across more than one blockchain. The company seeks to be a leading-edge partner in the Binance Smart Chain economy. The built-in KYC and AML tools permit the launches to be transparent and safe. Launch holders can stake and earn project coins in the staking pools.

The launch of the new platform provides an opportunity to take advantage of a transparent and fair public launch. The philosophy and foundation of the business include multi-cross-chain platform listings, NET offerings and integrated staking. Even more appealing is the long-term vision supported by the DAO and advisory board structure. The platform brings top-tier players in the blockchain space and traditional global banking, commercial banking, and investment space. The platform is supported by marketing agencies, global tech giants and talent acquisition stars. 

About the Platform: 

LaunchX offers leading players in the industry in the release of a new platform. The structure of the program is particularly suited for blockchain efforts. Multiple levels can be accessed at the same time.

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