Exploring the Characteristics of Rugao with Artem

June 16 18:54 2021

Recently, Artem, founder and editor-in-chief of Russia’s most popular Chinese media EKD, visited Rugao, Jiangsu Province, to explore the secret of longevity in the historic city and experience the local characteristic culture.

“Here in the East, rises a sun. China has brought forth a Mao Zedong. For the people standing as he was…” Xu Fengying, a centenarian in Rugao who sat in front of the bright Flag of the Chinese Communist Party was singing a well-known song to Artem. She told Artem that there were two main secrets to longevity: A harmonious family and an open and optimistic mind. Artem learned to make zongzi, a traditional Chinese rice-pudding, at Xu Fengying’s house and saw Nantong Changpai, a local poker game, for the first time. He was deeply impressed by the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere here. At the home of Gu Bing, the 103-year-old man was browsing the news in front of his computer, which had become one of his daily hobbies. When Artem asked Gu Bing the secret of longevity, the old man told him: “Living habits are very important. You should neither smoke nor drink, but form an eating habit of 40% meat and 60% vegetable. Massage the acupoints frequently, and take more exercises.” The old man also wrote down a blessing Chinese character “Fu” to Artem cheerfully to wish everyone good health.

She Minggao, head of the Rugao Longevity Research Association, believed that the reason why the people in Rugao could live a long life was the good “environment” including the water environment, the soil environment, the air environment, and the humanity environment. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the good “environment” in Rugao, Artem continued to visit some special scenic spots such as the Shuihui Park, the Dinghui Temple, and the Memorial Hall of the 14th Army of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army, and visited the masters of Chinese potted landscape specially to learn about the potted landscape culture.

At the end of the two-day visit, the city of Rugao gave Artem a different feeling. There are water, air, soil, and human culture of great quality that is rarely seen in other places, as well as a very healthy eating habit. Generally speaking, a good environment, coupled with a healthy diet and a pleasant mood, will lead to longevity.

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