“Children Are the Greatest Gift on Earth”: An Intimate Conversation with CEO, Music Producer, and Humanitarian, Mike Jean

December 25 20:21 2020
"Children Are the Greatest Gift on Earth": An Intimate Conversation with CEO, Music Producer, and Humanitarian, Mike Jean

“I was 8 years old when my mom told me, ‘You cannot feed everyone’ in response to my taking all the food in our house and giving it to people living on the street,” says Mike Jean, CEO, MLife Music Group

“Since I was a kid, all I’ve ever wanted to do was help people,” Jean says. “It’s no surprise I found profession in championing an artform that heals.” Renowned in music early as a producer, Jean defined a career working with the best in the industry. While broadening his portfolio he expanded what music could do. 

Jean founded Hope for Them Foundation in 2011, a non-profit organization committed to providing for the underserved and impoverished children of the world. In partnership with musicians, doctors, educators, and philanthropists, Hope for Them Foundation seeks to enhance the quality of life and lessen its burden, bringing healthcare, food, clothing, books, toys and joy to disaster and poverty-stricken areas around the globe. Jean has partnered with the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, New York Care, and Gazalino Children Hospital, to name a few, to combat poverty, famine, homelessness, and natural disaster internationally. 

“Children are the greatest gift on earth,” says Jean. “I created Hope for Them, for them.” 

“I highly encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing with Hope for Them Foundation as a young humanitarian,” said President Bill Clinton.

Foremost a father, life since having kids has been an entirely new experience for Jean. 

“I’ve learned a lot about myself,” says Jean. “You don’t just wake up one day to find out that you’ve mastered being a parent. You learn how to be better as you go along, and day by day. My children have taught me how to enjoy, and how to approach life with confidence.” 

“When I leave home, I think twice about everything I do. For I must end the day having done all there was possible to secure a great future for my family.” 

And a quality he hopes to instill in his children? 

“To see people as people. To love. And to help,” Jean says. “For me to live, I need to help. I hope it’s the same for them.”

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