Real Estate Agent Caroline Mitchell Offering Concierge Services for Orlando Market

December 18 20:48 2020
People living outside of the state or even out of the country can take advantage of concierge-style solutions.

Caroline Mitchell is a real estate agent with Realty Hub based near Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and while her real estate services are known for her unique sense of professionalism and intuitive services, Mitchell has also become a name synonymous with concierge real estate services.

Mitchell is British, and she has been in the United States for 15 years. She worked behind the scenes sourcing properties for ‘A Place in the Sun’, a show which helped British couples buy homes around the world.

Over the course of her career, she has become quite familiar with how different the real estate buying process is in terms of what clients are accustomed to in the United Kingdom and what they might encounter here in the United States. She quickly became a “translator” for out of country clients, offering assistance to bridge the gap that rests between the know-how needed to help international clients successfully navigate a real estate transaction in the U.S.

For example, Mitchell helps with unique situations and issues such as tax implications and logistics when buying and selling remotely. Her team has become skilled and proficient at navigating and closing deals when clients are out of town or even out of the country. Mitchell has worked to perfect solutions such as a 100% virtual experience that lets clients and real estate agents do everything they need to do completely online. “We can do everything so they never have to leave their homes in order to buy or sell,” said Mitchell about the remote system, which is also in strong favor during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mitchell offers a variety of remote solutions including video tours, video sales calls, explainer videos on each step of the process, and more. All documents are signed remotely and funds are directly wired to clients. If a client wants to buy or sell a property from the comfort of their cozy bed in pajamas, they can do it with the help of Mitchell and her expert team.

“We’re offering a fully virtual and concierge service for buyers and sellers from out of state and out of the country,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell is currently accepting new clients. Prospects can visit her website to begin a property search or see more about the selling process. Details can be found at

About Caroline Mitchell

Caroline Mitchell is a real estate agent with Realty Hub in Orlando, Florida, and specializes in vacation properties and second homes for people living outside of the state and even country.

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