TherapySpot’s Digital Patient Care in Speech Therapy Using Teletherapy

November 26 16:08 2020

TherapySpot has embraced teletherapy taking its patient care service to the next level. Therapeutic exercises are given to patients via video-conferencing applications. The therapist can show the exercises, and the joint practice is precisely monitored, if necessary, corrected and adjusted, just like in direct contact, in course.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the need for “social distancing” have made it suddenly and without preparation, the necessity to change the patient care approach worldwide. Speech therapy advice, diagnostics, and therapy employing teleconferencing are now available here in Toronto courtesy of TherapySpot. Initially, the possibilities and limits of speech therapy suddenly seemed shifted. Teletherapy is a service model and not a therapy approach. Therapists from TherapySpot apply this service model safely, successfully, sustainably, and in a resource-saving manner.

A large majority of speech therapists switched to teletherapy during the Corona crisis. They said they had switched to digital therapies to be able to continue to care for their patients. All disorders listed on the clinic’s website, such as autism or the loss of speech, are treated using teletherapy.

Speech therapy practitioners face major challenges as to whether and how they can continue to care for their patients. The implementation of video treatments in speech therapy was approved to offset at least some of the failures.

Indeed, the first question for practices is which program can be used to carry out this online therapy. The Federal Ministry of Health has put together a helpful list for this purpose so that the service also complies with data protection requirements.

For various reasons, digital therapies will have to be an integral part of speech therapy in the future. Changes in society’s structure, comprehensive and intensive care options in the case of an existing and high future shortage of skilled workers are the central structural arguments for the use of teletherapy. At the individual level, many patients have limited access to therapy in a speech therapy practice. For example, this can be due to the lack of mobility on the part of those affected and, at the same time, high therapy frequency or limited time resources of the relatives.

About The Therapy Spot

TherapySpot is a group of Therapists based in Toronto who has specialized in speech therapy. They offer a unique program called GABA school, which oversees autism therapy. Their speech therapists and pathologists provide one-on-one IBI and ABA therapy using the Early Start Denver Model. This group has been offering these services for 14 years, and they have experience in conducting therapies like ABA, accent reduction, EDSM, brain injury, learning disabilities, oral myofunctional disorders, concussion, and children’s speech.

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