Hoang Ha PC Earns Trust for High-End, High-Performance Computer and Server Parts and Components in Vietnam

November 24 17:22 2020
Hoang Ha PC Earns Trust for High-End, High-Performance Computer and Server Parts and Components in Vietnam

November 24, 2020 – Hoang Ha PC has earned trust in Vietnam as a reliable team to build computers in Vietnam. The online store of Hoang Ha PC features very affordable and high-quality PC components from global brands, and anyone can buy their complete kit or ask Hoang Ha PC to supply them with their preferred desktops. There is free shipping available along with good discounts, after-sales support, and warranties.

For high-end PCs, gaming desktops, and more, Hoang Ha PC is today the leading supplier for computer parts, from Intel and AMD CPUs and memories to high-performance gaming graphic cards, motherboards, RAM, HDDs, and all components to build a PC. Vietnam clients can easily browse through the products and quickly order their preferred PC parts.

“Hoang Ha PC is not only a high-end computer supplier but also a consulting team for all computer and networking solutions and installations, gaming systems, net shops construction, and more. We enjoy a great trust of customers in Vietnam,” says a spokesperson for Hoang Ha PC.

Cost is usually a hurdle when it comes to building a PC or getting spare components of high quality, but not with Hoang Ha PC. All computer and desktop components are attractively priced and sales and discount deals are regular. Hoang Ha PC is a supplier of genuine computer parts from brands such as AMD, Nvidia, Intel, Asrock, MSI, Gigabyte, Supermicro, Gskill, Corsair, and more. 

Earlier known as the Hoang Ha Informatics Center, the new name was acquired in 2016 with the aim of pioneering high-end, high-performance, and superior value computers in Vietnam. Today the supplier is considered a premier name for hardware and computer solutions in the country. 

For any requirement of servers, workstations, or desktops, Hoang Ha PC is the place to browse for the latest, new technology and advanced CPUs, motherboards, graphic cards, memory cards, networking products, and more. The supplier has worked with several small and large clients to supply individual systems as well as computer systems and networks for entire organizations, including reputed technical and research organizations in Vietnam.

For more information, please visit: https://hoanghapc.vn/

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