Introducing DrawBo, Revolutionary Drawing Robot to Teach Drawing

November 23 17:28 2020

Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. The ability to be creative and creating something from personal feelings and experiences can reflect and nurture children’s emotional health. How children experience life during their early years can significantly affect their development. 

Art and its creation have been around for centuries, but artists either have it from the get-go or learn it from somewhere. There are plenty of mediums out there that exist now, but what if there was something that combined art and creativity with technology that people are getting more and more familiar with?

With that in mind, a team of engineers and product designers created the DrawBo, the world’s first drawing robot to teach drawing. Since then, they have launched their product on Kickstarter and been selected as a Staff Pick. Being considered out of hundreds of projects that are launched daily is an achievement that should not be overlooked. It is tough to stand out from the crowd and convince potential backers, but the badge helps companies back up their efforts and makes their project more compelling when trying to reach out. Whether it is a persuasive video, creative and well-priced rewards, a great story, or an exciting idea, those factors are what makes a campaign chosen.

The DrawBo is definitely a product that met all those criteria. With the world being what it is now, people are trying to figure out creative ways to pass their time while being stuck at home. As adults, we have the ability to make our own decisions about what we do on a daily basis. However, children still need some guidance to develop personally. By creating DrawBo, the team behind it wanted to produce something with the objective of giving children another avenue to unleash their creativity, make drawing a joyful entertainment for children, and provide them with something to occupy their time.

It’s easy setup and use allows anyone to be able to start creating quickly. All they need is a drawing surface, a drawing utensil, the device, and the user-friendly mobile application that allows them to choose from over 500+ images to begin their learning experience. By combining creativity and technology, the DrawBo draws out an image step by step in a systematic way for children to learn quickly. Through the app, parents can monitor their child’s progress and select the length between steps based on their age and drawing skills.

Since most children already enjoy the idea of expressing themselves creatively, it is important to provide children with a wide range of creative materials and experiences to explore and pursue their ideas. With a lot of online schooling and home schooling happening at the moment, the DrawBo provides an additional way to keep them occupied and unleash their creativity.

Through the DrawBo Kickstarter campaign, once people decide to pledge $149 or more for the project, they will receive a DrawBo device and 500+ images to choose in-App. It is definitely not something to pass up if people are trying to find something new to occupy their time.

For people that are interested in pledging the campaign and learning more about the DrawBo can click here for more information.

About DrawBo

The DrawBo, the world’s first drawing robot to teach drawing was created by a California-based team of engineers and product designers, who have previously worked in major companies such as Yahoo, Oracle, and Microsoft. It was created with the objective of making drawing a joyful entertainment for children so that they will eventually have the confidence to draw anything.

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