Leading Real Estate Agency in San Francisco Shares Good News For Real Estate Sellers

November 23 16:58 2020

The real estate market is often referred to as buyers market or sellers market. San Francisco is one of the hottest urban areas in the country, and the city is currently under a huge seller’s market.

Danielle Lazier is a real estate buying agent San Francisco, CA. She has been in the industry and city for a long time. She is noticing the biggest trend in the real estate is people are making different plans.

“More and more people are moving from a five or 10 year plan to a ‘right now’ plan. This means they are looking to move onto something different – be it a family or a retirement home. I am able to help clients meet their specific needs with plenty of excellent options on properties,” said Lazier.

Lazier’s real estate agency in San Francisco, CA believes the pandemic has a large part to do with the decisions made. One property, a condominium, moved in four days time. Changes are consistent as well with some people moving into or out of the city depending on their specific needs and desires.

“Many Realtors in San Francisco are quick to point out how even in the face of the pandemic home values are relatively stable. This is perfect for anyone looking to sell a home or buy a home. The bargaining chips work in both ways, so I am constantly working with clients to find the perfect new home,” said Lazier.

Lazier has an active website with plenty of properties moving within the city and surrounding areas. Visit the website regularly for the best properties. Go to http://daniellelazier.com for details.

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