Meross to launch upgraded version of Collie Smart Garage Door Opener

November 16 23:06 2020
After huge success with smart garage door opener Collie, Meross is soon to release an upgraded version of the device with more advanced features and promise of more powerful performance.

Chengdu, Sichuan, China – November 16, 2020 – Leading smart home device manufacturer Meross is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its upgraded version of Collie Smart Garage Door Opener. The advanced version is equipped with more improved features like multi-door compatibility, more stable connection, better Wi-Fi signals and pluggable ports. It’s also the world’s FIRST smart garage door opener to support Apple HomeKit without add-on devices. 

Added to Apple HomeKit, the new upgraded Collie will also support other voice-control enabled devices such as Google Assistant, Google Home, Amazon Alexa as well as IFTTT. 

The upgraded version is tentatively scheduled to be launched on December 3, 2020. 

“We are excited to announce that we are soon to release an upgraded version of our popular smart garage door opener Collie. Our existing version has received huge response from our customers all across the world and the upcoming version assures a more efficient performance with more numbers of advanced features. At Meross, we believe in constantly improving ourselves and our products to serve our customers better with each passing day”, stated Jocelyn, the leading spokesperson from Meross Marketing Department. 

One of the main USPs of the upgraded Collie is multi-garage door compatibility. Unlike the existing model, the upcoming one is able to control not one but as many as 3 garage doors. Users will be able to connect the device with up to 3 garage doors and control them separately. Being a voice-controlled device, the upgraded garage door opener will enable users to check the door status, open or close the door through voice command only via voice-controlled units like Alexa or Siri or Google Assistant.  

“Our upgraded Collie smart garage door opener would be excellent especially for multi garage-door owners. No longer would you need to shell out money for separate garage door openers as here you have the control of 3 doors in 1 device, at the price of one opener only. Our upgraded garage door opener works with all major voice-controlled devices, enabling you the flexibility to control the garage door/s remotely, anytime and anywhere.” 

Speaking on, Jocelyn stressed on securing the latest Collie model with the world’s best encryption system. The upgraded version is based on the industry-leading Amazon Web Services server and is backed by powerful TLS encryption in all internet communication.  

“We have powered the upgraded version of Collie with three-end data encryption for app, device and cloud service.” 

Top features of the upgraded version of Collie:

  • Works with all major voice-controlled devices
  • Allows to monitor and operate garage door remotely anywhere and anytime
  • Compatible with up to 3 doors
  • Supports 200+ brands and over 1600 models
  • Stronger Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Backed by top encryption
  • Sends alerts when the garage door is closed or opened or if the door is open for long time if the door has not been closed at bedtime
  • Comes with sound alarm
  • Allows checking of history of door operation
  • Requires PIN code 

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