Dreaming Big and Living Big with Dr. Tommy Campbell Jr.

November 06 04:18 2020

How much adversity can a person really take before one decides to give up? Probably not much. For book author, motivational speaker, and life coach, Dr. Tommy Campbell Jr., giving up is not an option no matter how many blows he gets from life.

Dr. Campbell started his inspirational journey in a very unconventional way. It would even seem that he did not have the makings of a successful public speaker and book author early in his life. He encountered plenty of discouragements from people who were supposed to guide him. He experienced rejection left and right, ridiculed, and being looked down on. Yet, he did not find it in himself to give up.

His painful journey started when he was very young after failing first grade due to a learning disability. He struggled with this condition all throughout elementary, middle school, and high school. While in high school, one teacher told him that he wasn’t smart enough to make it in college. That same teacher also commented that Dr. Campbell might not even finish high school.

While it was heartbreaking for a young person to have to hear those discouragements coming from a reputable teacher, Dr. Campbell did not give much thought to it. He believed that despite the challenges he was going through, he could still become somebody people closest to him could be proud of. 

In 2009, however, his life took a drastic turn, and he ended up becoming a homeless person. He found himself roaming the streets and begging for food when the opportunity presented itself. As can be expected, he was not satisfied with his poor living conditions. At that time, he had nowhere to go, and no one kind enough to turn to. Nevertheless, he chose to survive and take things one day at a time. 

One would think that Dr. Campbell probably had an epiphany during that season in his life living as a homeless person. Not exactly. It wasn’t until he was shot multiple times and pronounced dead in the hospital that he started to take intentional steps to get out of the rut he was in. For some reason, he survived again and lived to tell a fantastic story of hope and survival.

Months after, Dr. Campbell started sharing his life experiences with people. The encouragement that they got from hearing his stories were priceless. By the time he knew it, he was already getting invited to speak in large crowds in schools, conferences, sports events, and other significant events. 

This complete turnaround in his life is something that he attributes to his strong fighting spirit and enduring nature. All the adversities he went through since he was a child made him such a strong person that giving up is not in his vocabulary. He has proven so many critics wrong by becoming a successful public speaker, life coach, and book author. 

His books “Dream Big: You Are Destined for Greatness” and “Anything is Possible: Success Belongs to You,” narrate his invaluable life experiences and the lessons that he acquired from them. He hopes to be able to reach a bigger audience through the publication of his ebooks.

At present, Dr. Campbell is happily raising his three children with his wife, Kellie Ann. He also travels a lot due to his speaking invitations. His life may have started out imperfectly, but the imperfection of it paved the way for his now perfect life. Dr. Campbell is a powerful renown motivational speaker. If you want to book him to speak please go to his website http://www.drtommycampbelljr.com or email him at [email protected]





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