Now On Kickstarter, Battle Brawl, An Exciting New Card Game

October 20 13:32 2020
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a fun new card game that combines rolling dice with strategic card play!

Dakota Loupe, a former firefighter and an aspiring video game designer with a passion for all things board games, has announced a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to support Battle Brawl, a fun card game that combines rolling dice with strategic card play. A combat-based game, Battle Brawl has been designed for 2 – 4 players with gameplay that is easy to learn and requires virtually no set-up.

In Battle Brawl, players combine classic deck building and dice rolling game mechanics to defeat opposing players in a fight for pride, honor, and glory. Featuring turn-based play, players draw and play cards to equip their hero with the armor and weapons necessary to defeat others in their path. Armor and Weapon cards provide different dice values that determine who is the mightiest of them all, and which must be stacked with a unique hero, chosen by the player, to survive the conquest. Players can select the Gladiator, the Wizard, the Marksman, or the Assassin as their hero before playing.

Games last between 5 – 30 minutes. During this time, players must balance their armor, weapon, and action cards, collect dice, and avoid special event cards that may set them back in their conquest. Each turn, players must weigh the odds and determine whether to play or pass a card and test their fate at the final dice roll, which determines who comes out victorious. The player who ultimately emerges victorious twice is crowned the champion.

Battle Brawl comes with four sets of 36 cards color-coded for the Gladiator, the Marksman, the Wizard, and the Assassin, four sets of 10 four-sided dice colored to match the card decks, four sets of 10 six-sided dice colored to match the card decks, and one set of rules. A fun new card game for family and friends, support Battle Brawl for a limited time on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign will be used to support Battle Brawl ahead of a scheduled release in March 2021. Funds raised will be used to support associated production, printing, and distribution costs. Starting today, pledge $10 to receive a PDF of cards in the Battle Brawl Deck, or pledge $25 or more to receive a copy of Battle Brawl, complete with four unique, balanced decks, four sets of color corresponding dice, and a set of rules. Other rewards and exclusives are available, so visit the Kickstarter campaign page today for more information. 


Battle Brawl is an exciting new card game that combines rolling dice with strategic card play. A fun, strategic card game with easy instructions and virtually no set-up, Battle Brawl was created by Dakota Loupe, an aspiring video game designer from Addison, Texas, to provide hours of fun for family and friends to enjoy.

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