Science Of Getting Rich Seminar Speaker Fabian Lim – Sneak Preview of Science of Getting Rich Seminar with Book Interview Videos

October 08 21:24 2020
As a precursor to the upcoming online webinar presented by Fabian Lim, we have an idea on how the delivery of the Science of Getting Rich Seminar (SOGR) based on the author’s series of book interview videos. These videos create a sense of excitement and attract participants to attend SOGR. Fabian identifies some major concepts and ideas which have made the concept of Getting Rich such a draw among aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

The presenter of the Science of Getting Rich Seminar, Fabian Lim, shares in this 10 part video book interview series useful wealth concepts that are useful as a preparation for attending this free SOGR Seminar. There is no cost to participate in this SOGR Seminar and tickets are free, but slots are limited, so advance registration is encouraged. The webinar starts promptly at 10 am on 17-OCTOBER 2020 (Saturday Singapore time GMT+8) and goes on all day. 

The interview series covers a variety of topics related to wealth science. The topics are drawn from Fabian’s own experiences, as well as from the underlying book written by Wallace D Wattles. The original book was titled ‘The Science of Getting Rich’. Fabian was so intrigued by the espoused principles that he rewrote the book, adding explanations and notes. Fabian’s book was named ‘The Science of Getting Rich Decoded.’ He not only decoded the book, but he also applied the principles to his own life and business practices. 

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Fabian Lim has been instrumental in writing not only this book but also coaching thousands in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. Fabian is a notable public speaker and speaks from his own experience as a successful entrepreneur. Signing up for the free seminar is sure to provide the participant with many concepts and ideas which are helpful in business, as well as in his or her personal life. 

According to Fabian Lim, getting rich is possible for anyone who applies the scientific principles which the book lays out. The interviews touch on many of the more important ideas, but attending the seminar and reading or listening to the concepts via audio or video presentations can be even more helpful. 

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About the Presenter: 

Fabian Lim is a globally known author, speaker, trainer, life coach, and marketing expert. He is also an individual who balances his work life by flying a jet plane. 

Listen to a free audio book at  SOGR AudioBook – Based on Wallace D Wattles Original Book

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