The Power of Transformation – Dr. Pam Culley-McCullough’s Newly Released Memoir Channels Spirituality and Honest Beauty

October 07 20:24 2020

York, Pennsylvania, USA – October 7, 2020 – Educator, psychologist, spiritual translator and author, Pam Culley-McCullough has now released her new book, The Promise of Soul Love: Unexpected Gifts From Here and Beyond. Her new book is an inspirational memoir that documents in explicit detail how life set her on a path to where she is today. From alcoholism to inherited family trauma, Dr. Pam rips away the perfect façade and shares her stories that are bound to deeply impact the readers, yet also help them find inspiration and empowerment.

The Promise of Soul Love is one of those scrupulously honest memoirs that captures the true essence of a visceral human existence. Discussing her father’s alcoholism and the adverse effect it had on her as a child and her family, Dr. Pam shares how the tangled web of unaddressed inherited trauma and abuse fueled her father’s addiction. After a dangerous overdose of alcohol, Dr. Pam’s father worked hard on his sobriety allowing for much needed healing to begin. The story of this family rising above adversity serves as hope for healing. While everyone grew closer together, Dr. Pam’s father was diagnosed with cancer. During his last moments, Dr. Pam and her father intuitively heard an otherworldly message suggesting death would not part them, that their relationship would continue after his passing. A promise that has shaped her life from that day forward.

As a result, Pam Culley-McCullough is now an author and a spiritual translator working proactively to help people validate and heal through their spiritual connection with loved ones. Her journey into the world of Spirit not only allows her to share the many conversations she has with her father, but to offer this gift to help others find healing with their departed loved ones.

With this in-depth and thoughtful new memoir, Dr. Pam wants to put positive energy out into the world and share a story that goes through the darkest moments only to offer hope and happiness in the end. Helping others trust their intuition and educating them on the vast world of spiritual wisdom and communion, she is becoming the facilitator for a transformative experience in many people’s lives. Dr. Pam Culley-McCullough is available for interviews.

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