New Marketplace For Self-Published Children’s Books Launches

October 06 21:06 2020
New Marketplace For Self-Published Children’s Books Launches
A place for self-published children’s authors to promote their books and readers to discover new books that ignite a passion for reading.

There are thousands of books each year written by schoolteachers, mothers and fathers on topics, they have experienced first-hand, but most of them you won’t have seen because the books are self-published.

Parents and caregivers looking for niche children’s books have in the past struggled to find the right book. Often the right book is out there, but has been self-published without a huge amount of marketing and is hard to find. Introducing Story Antics a new marketplace just for independent children’s books. Supporting self-published authors and helping kids discover new books and increase their joy of reading.

Story Antics currently has over 150 books, with more being added daily covering a wide range of topics including worrying, justice, sorry, love, pirates, bellybuttons, discrimination, friendships, counting and more… Reading has been found through research to be exceptionally important to succeed in both school and life, but often the challenge is finding a book that interests the child. The stronger a child’s language skill is when they reach school, the more prepared they are to be able to read. The better they read, the more likely they will graduate from high school.

Story Antics founder Lara Solomon said “As a self-published children’s author I know how hard it is to get the word out there, and thought instead of writing more books why not help people find the books that are out there already! The more children read books that they are interested in the more likely they are to keep reading, it all starts with discovering the right book.”

Authors across the world are jumping onboard the site, author Missy Mittelstaedt said “I love what you’re doing, and so appreciate the support and celebration of independently published books.” Even traditionally published authors are getting excited, author Annie Kuhn said “I think your platform is a great idea, and I wish you and your authors the best of luck!

Lara’s love of reading and belief in reading books to help children succeed in life is what drives her. She says “with the increase of technology, it’s becoming progressively common to see that time spent reading books is falling by the wayside. It’s imperative as parents, teachers and caregivers that we continue to educate and open young minds to the intellectual and creative benefits of reading. It’s a love that lasts a lifetime.”

As a marketplace Story Antics lets authors upload their own books, decide on the price and description and takes a small commission on each sale. For buyers, they can easily purchase all their books in one order, without having to visit five different sites, and have the chance to discover new interesting books.

Story Antics sells books globally, the main currency of the site is in USD, but customers can also purchase in GBP, Euros and AUD. Books start from $9.99.


1. Various departments of education have found that reading to four- and five-year old’s, six to seven days per week, has the same effect as them being almost 12 months older

2. Further research also shows that children absorb and process literary knowledge and information quicker and more effectively when they can personally identify with the protagonist of a story

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Story Antics was founded in October 2019 by author Lara Solomon with the vision to create unique and entertaining educational stories for both children and adults to enjoy together. These personalised storybooks delighted young readers around the world. However, it was in September 2020 that Lara realised that there are already so many storybooks out there yet to be discovered. She decided to change direction and re-invented Story Antics into a marketplace for self-published children’s books.

Story Antics is part of global startup incubator, Antler and its ongoing growth is backed by committed investor funding.

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