Essentialise Founder Lee Chambers Interviewed On His Breakthrough Week

October 02 14:31 2020
Essentialise Founder Lee Chambers Interviewed On His Breakthrough Week

Lee Chambers on RTVS
An International TV appearance, website launch, new Directorship and an Ambassador role are just some of the highlights for UK based Entrepreneur Lee Chambers

It has been a busy week at Essentialise HQ. Their Founder, Lee Chambers, spoke to us about just how much has happened in the past week, highlighting to other young entrepreneurs just how much building momentum over time can start to amplify in a big way if you are consistent. The highlights of his week included:

Featuring on Slovak TV, talking on primetime on the premier channel RTVS. Lee covered the main section on the news surrounding the environmental psychology behind littering and ways to increase pro-environmental behaviour within different populations.

He was announced as a Director of the non-profit organisation, Wellbeing Lancashire, and has overseen the launch of their website and creation of their strategy. The organisation’s aim is to align the strategy for wellbeing across the region, increasing engagement and equality of health opportunity. The objectives of Wellbeing Lancashire are in synergy with those of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing, looking to increase both the health and happiness of individuals, and working to prevent future wellbeing challenges by being proactive with prevention.

Another collaboration has been announced for Lee this week, with him becoming an Ambassador for Mindsight Connect. He has been working alongside Mindsight for the past 6 months, assisting with the shaping of their “Flipping The Focus” employee wellbeing delivery. This additional association allows for a continued close working relationship which benefits both Essentialise and Mindsight.

Lee Chambers

It hasn’t stopped there for Lee. He has had both his award interviews for the Lancashire Sub36 Entrepreneur Awards, he has featured in two HuffPost articles on Burnout and Morning Routines, and been commenting in the UK media on dreams with a number of national newspapers. He has also guested on a number of high-profile podcasts, including Mantalks with Connor Beaton.

We asked Lee what he thought about his busy schedule, and he replied, “I have been running at 100 miles per hour this week but it is just part of trying to make a significant impact through my work. I am so passionate and on purpose with my mission, I don’t often see it as work and that helps psychologically when working longer hours. I also schedule my time with breaks to disconnect so I can focus my attention where it needs to go.”

Asked what he had planned for October, he highlighted a new veterinarian wellbeing program that was launching with Webinar Vets, the Sub36 awards ceremony on the 22nd, and the continued development of Forward Thinking Careers, a Social Enterprise. He also highlighted that he will be taking a few days away from the business to celebrate his daughters birthday, and from his recent work, we feel her deserves it.

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